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2 states!

Hey everyone!

So, 2 states launched in India the other day. How many of you have read the book ‘2 states’ by Chetan Bhagat?

2 states
2 states movie poster

Personally, I think I liked the movie, but I liked the book better. As is always the case. The movie had a somehow abrupt ending- left us clueless about the whereabouts of ‘Ananya’. or maybe I was in two-states (lol) while watching the movie. A lot has been going on on the personal and professional front in my life, with 2 blogsΒ and an e-commerce website running in full swing- I’m literally on tenterhooks these days- but if you ask me, I’m totally loving it too! Blogging and entrepreneurship are two really inter-dependent but still widely apart worlds, and it’s quite interesting to be on the other side of the blogging world for now.

This is what I wore for the movie- a blue jumpsuit and some really comfy footwear. Was in a total ‘weekend’ mode πŸ˜€

Threw in a leather bag to add some seriousness in there!

jumpsuit styling jumpsuit styling jumpsuit styling

Make-up wise, I’m in the clean-skin-statement-pout phase these days. Wore a pink pout this time πŸ™‚

jumpsuit styling

And how can a weekend be over without coffee? Went to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf with my bestie after the movie, and since I’m a fan of Ceasar’s salad (after coffee), I ordered one. This is possibly the worst ever! πŸ™

2 states~~Outfit~~

Jumpsuit- Thrifted (shop similar)

Flats- Catwalk (shop Catwalk)

Bag- From janpath (shop tan bags)

PS: Still getting used to getting clicked in public places πŸ˜› Respect for all steet-style fashion-bloggers for what they do!!!


    • Ritu Ritu

      thanks Aayushi <3

    • Ritu Ritu

      haha.. thank you! Yes, I too realize that! πŸ˜€

  1. sindhu sindhu

    nice post ritu… is thrifted is a shop? i have seen another fashion blogger also mentioning the same

    • Ritu Ritu

      I got it from a local store.. basically these are factory rejects, which don’t pass the stringent QC checks of big companies.. the label this piece has is that of MANGO.. so, something on those lines.. πŸ™‚

      • sindhu sindhu

        ok got the point… thanks for clarifying πŸ™‚

        • Ritu Ritu


    • Ritu Ritu

      thanks a lot Neha <3 thanks for visiting the blog πŸ™‚

    • Ritu Ritu

      thanks a lot Manasi πŸ™‚

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