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Bridesmaids’ diary: The ‘Cocktail’ OOTD

Helloo everyone!

It’s been such a long time since I posted on this blog. April was a very hectic month for me, with two of my friends getting married in a span of 10 days. Being a bridesmaid is one tough job, I tell you! So much so that I forgot to click my OOTD pics at all the functions. Whoops! While you are doing 10 other things for the bride, clicking your own solo pics is the last thing on your mind!

Anyhoo, here’s presenting some pics for you guys that I clicked from my phone. Hope you’ll like them. Kindly bear with the picture quality :*

cocktail party ootd ideas

A cocktail party is generally one of the first functions at an Indian wedding routine in North India. It is a very informal affair mostly, where everyone just gathers over lots of food and drinks. One of the only functions, actually, where non vegetarian food and drinks are ‘officially’ served (every other function, they are in the cars outside the wedding venue. LOL!). Once people are tipsy, they dance to the DJ’s tunes till the permissible time limit, and then bribe the local authorities a little bit to ask for the time limit to be stretched.

Joking! I didn’t tell you all of that above! 😛

cocktail party ootd

So these pics are from the second set of weddings I attended. And from all that I had learnt from the first one this season, wearing heels for all the functions can be a big pain in, ahemm, the feet! Wait, what were you expecting!?

So I switched to wearing flats all the time I could. Coz I did not want to not-be-able-to-enjoy-myself at my own bestie’s wedding. So I chose to wear flats with my dress for the cocktail, despite everyone not approving of them. But at the end of the 6 hour long party, I was super comfortable, and had a blast without fussing over aching ankles. So yeah, proud of my decision!

ootd cocktail indian fashion blog


indian fashion blog

Will share more pics from the rest of the functions in the days to come 🙂

Outfit details:
Dress: Forever 21 | Shop similar here
Thong sandals: Inc.5 | Shop Inc.5
Bag: Guess 
Earcuff, bracelet: Zotiqq

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