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Zingo Star: Review

Hey everyone!

We’re dishing out new food reviews very frequently these days, and we hope you are enjoying the posts! Today on our review radar is the cool new Zingo Star, a casual dining restaurant in Greater Kailash-II, Delhi.

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Keventers in it’s new avatar!

Hey everyone!

The iconic milkshake brand- Keventers, recently opened it’s new store at Select Citywalk, Delhi. I have so many memories attached to the brand Keventer’s since childhood- from their glass bottles to the long queues in front of their store, from their pineapple shake to the cassatta, everything has a sweet memory attached to it!

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Market Cafe (Delhi): Review

Hey everyone!

I recently happened to visit Market Cafe at Greater Kailash-2 in Delhi to check out their winter (and regular) menu. My routine has been pretty hectic of late, and a food review on a week-day was just what I was looking for. The chilled out ambiance at Market Cafe coupled with good food really helped break the monotony for me. Read on for more details!

market cafe review

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RE Cafe & Bar (Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj)- Review

Hey everyone!

So we’re OD-ing on food reviews these days, but with the Delhi food scene bustling with so many new and interesting options, there’s little we can do but eat! Today let’s take you down to Re Cafe in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi and see what this new place has to offer!

The first thing that you notice as you enter the cafe and bar is the cheery decor with fresh yellows in abundance. Each part has a slightly different theme, and the seating, etc changes from part to part. They even have some outdoor seating options, but towards the inside of the mall, so if you sit in the ‘outdoor’ area, you are basically sitting in the main mall area. The staff happily welcomes you to the cafe/ bar and also help you pick items from the menu.

About the cafe: Re-juvinate, re-fresh, re-live, re-lease! That’s the belief on which Re café is conceptualized. Located in the heart of Delhi, at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Re Café is a casual & chic coffee shop serving comfort food from around the globe in a bright & cheerful ambience.

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FoodieMusings: Laziz Kabab, Zu Tisch, etc!

Hey everyone!

I’m back with this month’s foodiemusings, the monthly food edition, and all that I’ve been gorging on these past few days. Well, this month saw Diwali come and go, and this time I practised quite a lot of restraint with sweets 😐

Anyhoo, let’s start with my favorite favorite dish ever! I loveeeee the Afghani Cream Chicken at Laziz Kabab, Khan Market, Delhi. This dish, along with roomali rotis, is my comfort food. Good mood, bad mood, happiness, sadness, come what may- take me to Laziz Kabab and nobody gets hurt! I just love this dish to death! It is basically Afghani tandoori chicken (which you can eat separately too) to which some Amul cream is added and it is cooked lightly. The end result is gooey, creamy, succulent chicken floating in cream gravy. The cream, in the end, isn’t as heavy as you must be assuming right now. You have to try this out to know what you are missing! And you will get addicted!

The restaurant is quite small with limited seating (if you are going there alone, you can share a table too). They have nice biryani, kababs and rolls, etc. too, but cream chicken is my favorite!

Best had with roomali rotis and some Maaza (that’s how I like it!).

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Durga Puja CR Park Dlehi- pandal hop

Navratri marks the onset of festive season here in India, atleast in North India. In Delhi (where I live), CR Park Durga Puja is the most famous one, and also the most sought-after ones for Pandal hoppers. Having been there a few times in the past, I went there again this year. Went there on the 5th day of the navratri, so the pandals were hardly crowded, and some of them were even under-construction. It is advisable that you go there from the 6th day onwards for fully ready pandals. But nevertheless, the puja was still on and so was the food area.

One of the pandals that we went to had this aqua-theme going on, with everything done in blue. Looked even prettier in person, and instilled a sense of calm and peace into the devotees.
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Navratri Specials at Paatra, Jaypee Vasant Continental

Hey everyone!

The festive season in India begins with the onset of Navratri- 9 holy days where Hindus worship Goddess Durga and a lot of people fast during this period, ranging from a few days to all 9 days. The basic idea behind fasting during Navratri is to allow the body to detoxify, since the period of Navratri falls at the time when the weather is transitioning from monsoon to winters (fall/ autumn). Hence, any heavy foods during this time are not good for the body. And hence, the ideal thing to have is Saatvik food, i.e. vegetarian food minus garlic, onions, prepared with Sendha salt.

I got a chance to savour the Navratri thaali/ platter at Paatra- Jaypee Vasant Continental this Navratri, and here’s the mouth-watering platter for you to feast on while you are fasting (or not!) 😀paatra navrati thali jaypee vasant continental review

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#FoodieMusings: Karim’s, Airport, Foodhall, etc.

Hey everyone!

August has come to an end already, and here’s a new section on the blog- #FoodieMusings! Even though I’m an out and out foodie and a regular blogger, it is not always possible to share everything in detail on the blog, given how much I eat! LOL!

So #FoodieMusings shall be like quickie food posts- things that I have been eating on the go and whether I recommend them or not!

First off, you must check out the post on Jashn-e-Awadh food festival at Paatra.

And some more food now 😀

Foodhall is doing an American-cuisine festival all of this month, and I tried a couple of things like Greek Salad, burgers with black bean+ feta+ chipotle salsa which were yum, and waffles with ginger and orange reduction on top. Goes to my must-make-at-home list! Heavenly!

foodie musings
Greek salad- Foodhall

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