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Plaza Premium Lounge at New Delhi Airport: Review

Frequent travel is a part and parcel of today’s hectic lifestyle for most of us. So many of us spend a good portion of our time strutting in and out of airports. And when you are a frequent flyer, all you want to do once you have checked-in at the airport is to relax somewhere. And trust me, after one point and one too many visits, the shopping options at the airport do not allure you anymore.

But not any more! I was recently travelling international from the New Delhi International Airport, and decided to stop by Plaza Premium Lounge before my flight. Read on for the deets!

plaza premium lounge new delhi review

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5 Expensive Designer Watches You Can Wish to Buy

We have seen everyone from celebrities to politicians and business tycoons flaunting them and have envied them for being to afford such luxury. Whether we like to wear watches in general or not; we would all want to own a luxury wristwatch. If not for wearing, then just for showing off maybe. However, if you don’t typically wear a watch (any brand for that matter) then you are missing out one of the most fashionable accessories designed for men. A watch increases your overall personality by positioning you as person who values his time. So better get a watch if you want to really impress the ladies out there!

But this article isn’t about fashion tips or how to dress to impress. Don’t worry we might write a piece on that pretty soon enough. But, right now, all I want you guys to do is sit back, relax and get introduced to the 5 most expensive watches you can wish to buy.

BvlgariDiagono Chronograph

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Polka dots and snakeskin bag outfit

Hey everyone!

The weather in Delhi has gotten quite pleasant these days, and all of us here are enjoying this sudden chill in the air. Even the days have a nippy feel to them, and getting out in the sun is bearable for once.

Last few days of wearing sleeveless outfits 😛 Very soon, it is going to get very cold and the woollens and layered clothing will be the talk of the town.

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Durga Puja CR Park Dlehi- pandal hop

Navratri marks the onset of festive season here in India, atleast in North India. In Delhi (where I live), CR Park Durga Puja is the most famous one, and also the most sought-after ones for Pandal hoppers. Having been there a few times in the past, I went there again this year. Went there on the 5th day of the navratri, so the pandals were hardly crowded, and some of them were even under-construction. It is advisable that you go there from the 6th day onwards for fully ready pandals. But nevertheless, the puja was still on and so was the food area.

One of the pandals that we went to had this aqua-theme going on, with everything done in blue. Looked even prettier in person, and instilled a sense of calm and peace into the devotees.
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Delhi’s monsoon woes!

Hey everyone!

How’s monsoon at your end? Gosh, Delhi monsoon this year is in some major hide-and-seek mood I tell you! It’s been over a month since monsoons arrived in Delhi, and in south Delhi, it has just rained twice or thrice till now. Everyday is cloudy, and it looks like it will rain. But it doesn’t. And in all the confusion, I almost always leave home prepared for a downpour. Coz when it does rain here, it rains like there’s no tomorrow. All roads get waterlogged, and traffic jams become the order of the day. One mostly has to take to Delhi Metro for travel 😛

Below is my rainy-day attire: Comfy palazzo pants, a loose comfy top, a colorful bag and chunky accessories. Makeup wise, I wear some BB cream, some kohl and red lipstick. The hair goes up in a bun!

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Floral dress & Mumbai trip

Raise your hands, Mumbai people!

Well, I’m an out and out Delhiite, and there’s no place quite like Delhi for me, and I know the quintessential Delhi- Mumbai ‘My City is Better Than Yours’ war of words going about all the time. But honestly, for me and my family, Mumbai has taken from us more than it has given back to us. I wouldn’t get into the details, but I just can’t bring myself  to like Mumbai much. No, I don’t hate it. Nevertheless, professional commitments take me to Mumbai quite often, and slowly but steadily, I’m warming up to the city again. 🙂

Two sights that you never see in Delhi- beach and beach-side-greenery (not sure if the ones below are palm trees 😛 )

mumbai beach
Juhu beach

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