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#Travelogue #Andamans: The ocean, Havelock island and Kala Patthar

Hey everyone!

I’m back with part-2 of the Andamans Travelogue series on the blog- and this time, it’s literally a ‘water water everywhere’ kinda post!

After our first day at Port Blair, the next day we headed out to Havelock Island. Travel from one island to another is always by ship, but between Port Blair and Havelock, you can even book a helicopter if you please. We went by ship, coz this is the best way to experience the sea! And this 4 hour journey left us mesmerised- being on a ship with just a bunch of other people, and having nothing else but water around you leaves you with a lot of time to introspect- you feel really tiny and small in front of the vastness of the ocean! Anyhoo, have a look at the pics 🙂

Leaving Port Blair:

kala patthar havelock island andamans travel

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Andamans travelogue- Teaser

Hey everyone!

I returned from a trip to the Andamans a few days back, and whoa! Andamans is really veryyyy beautiful! Words aren’t enough to describe how calm, serene and relaxing every moment, every place in Andamans is! In all honesty, if you want to unwind, and if beach holidays are your thing, go to Andamans next!

I will be sharing detailed posts on my stay in the Andamans in the days to come, but for now, I just couldn’t resist the urge to share some pictures with you guys anymore! So here we go.. Enjoy a glimpse of the beauty that Andamans is!

andaman and nicobar travel

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