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Red Fort- a photowalk!

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to share with all you lovelies some pics from a photowalk I went to with a group of photography enthusiasts some time back. We went to the Red Fort in Delhi, and while some of you might find it un-necessary to see more Red Fort pics online, I still wanted to show you guys some through my eyes. This walk happened a few months back, and I’m going for another heritage walk this weekend, so before the next one, here’s a glimpse of the last one!

PS: I am no photographer!

The very first glimpse, early on a September morning in Delhi ­čÖé

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Heels & Coffee Beans: First post, and why we are here!

Hello everyone!

So this is officially the first post on Heels & Coffee Beans, and I’d like to whole heartedly welcome you all to this new Blog of mine, after The Indian Beauty Blog. Having already running a beauty blog for almost 2 years now (yes, time flies, and how!!!), I really wanted to share with you all some other aspects of my life too. The Indian Beauty Blog is going to be only up for ‘beauty’ posts from now, and everything else, like my foodie trails, travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc. will come on over here now, coz these do make up for a large part of my life. I had this domain with me since a few weeks already, but it is only now that I’m getting to work here.

surajkund mela

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