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Delhi to Jaipur: The Long Weekend getaway!

With a quarter of 2017 already gone by, it is now time to start planning for the upcoming long weekends in 2017, since there aren’t too many left anyway, and before we know it, the year might just end. So bring out those planners and start planning. The best thing to do on a long weekend is to go to a tourist place near to where you live, ideally at a driveable distance. I find driving down to some place more enjoyable than taking a flight, especially when you are out to enjoy a long weekend with family or friends. You can make stopovers at your favorite local restaurants or dhabas, stop for tea breaks and enjoy the scenic views from the car while listening to your favorite songs.

hawa mahal jaipur

If you are in Delhi, Jaipur seems to be one of the most popular destinations for such long weekends. Even though it can get a little crowded on long weekends, the plethora of options available in Jaipur are sure to keep everyone happy and entertained. The drive from Delhi to Jaipur is also very pleasant with a great highway. On the way to Jaipur, you can stop at various dhabas and restaurants, and these are also various McDonald’s on the way for those who crave for such things during a long drive. If you are starting from Gurgaon, we recommend you start with a nice breakfast at hotels like Hotel Crowne Plaza in Gurgaon (they have some amazing weekend brunches). On the way, you can wait for tea/ coffee breaks at various coffee shops lining the highway.

Once you reach Jaipur, which is just a 5+ hour drive from Delhi, there are a host of places you can visit such as Ajmer Fort, City Palace Jaipur, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal etc. for a dose of history. One place that you must not miss is the ChokhiDhani, a village resort which offers a taste of the Rajasthani hospitality and lifestyle in one place. The food here is amazing too!

chokhi dhani jaipur

So that’s how you can plan a trip to Jaipur from Delhi and make the most of the upcoming long weekends.Pack your bags already!

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