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#DinewithNikhilChawla at Open House CP

Hey everyone!

As food bloggers, we are always reviewing restaurants and hotels to give YOU guys and the respective management teams a feedback on their food and hospitality. But a few days back, I got to try food at Open House, CP, where the restaurant was being run by blogger Nikhil Chawla from Hmm! Life. Curiosity was killing this cat, and I just had to go down to #DineWithNikhilChawla! Read on for a quick peek into what we tried!

open house cp
Fruit punch LIIT

We tried the Chef’s tasting menu which was decently priced at Rs. 750 per head, and you could try the entire menu in fixed portion sizes. From the fruity LIIT to manchurian chicken chap, I liked how the meal began with interesting variations to the otherwise standard dishes. All the food was cooked to perfection, and Nikhil was taking special interest in making sure that each guest was served well.

open house cp
Manchurian chicken chap
open house cp
Sushi Biryani with paneer/ chicken tikka

The highlight for me was the Sushi biryani stuffed with veg/ non-veg tikkas, as per your preference. This dish just bowled me over! I am a biryani hoarder, to say the least, and have recently developed a liking for sushi too. This dish was the best of both worlds on one platter. And the green chili wasabi dip was just stunning with the biryani sushi. Very tasty, very innovative! Can’t wait to have this dish again.

open house cp
Top: Bao crispy chinese burger
Bottom: Bao dimsum sliders

The Rajnikant lollypop got me intrigued too with the flavors in the chicken lollypop and the bao burgers were nicely done too. I loved the Dimsum sliders too!

open house cp
Rajnikant’s lollypop
open house cp
Nutella icecream with fried chocolate bar

Another big highlight for me was the dessert- nutella ice cream served with a fried chocolate bar. I hear this recipe is very easy to replicate, and considering the flavors were BOMB, I gotta steal this recipe from Nikhil soon!

Overall, I think Nikhil did a fabulous job with the menu which reflected his creativity and thought process about the food on the plate very well. I wish this menu was available all round the year!

The menu was available for one day only (1st April, 2016).

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