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Dining with the Maharajas at Dilli 32

As much as I love attending food festivals across various hotels in Delhi, I simply love the ones that are done at Leela Ambience Convention Hotel. They are simply the best at the food festivals on offer in Delhi, and are not to be missed at all!

The latest in their offering is the ‘Dining with the Maharajas’ series where you will get a taste of royalty from all parts of India right in your city. The first pit stop on the ‘Dining with the Maharajas’ journey is Mahmoodabad, situated in the heart of the holy city of Sitapur. To bring out the authentic flavors of each dish, Chef de Cuisine Ashwani Kumar Singh himself travelled to the city to learn the art of recreating the royal dishes.

leela ambience

Indulging in flavoursome Mahmoodabad specialties such as Murgh Mussallam, Gosht Makhana Kurma, Matter Latpata, Paneer Hazrat Mahal, Laab- i- Mashooq and much more was a great experience for me. I really enjoyed some new dishes (new for me) such as Karchul ka Anda where an egg was prepared in a ladle on high flame. I also greatly enjoyed the huge spreads, with the main course alone having more than 20 dishes. An assortment of chutneys and papads to accompany your meals is always great. Chef Ashwini Kumar has done a great job of bringing to you the most authentic dishes from the region, and his efforts only showed on the dinner plate when food was served to us.

leela ambience

Also not to be missed is the fact that the team at Dilli 32 makes great efforts to create the right ambience during each food festival.

dilli 32 leela ambience convention hotel dilli 32 leela ambience convention hotel

The festival is on till 15th October and is not something you’d want to miss!

Also, I cannot wait to explore the rest of this journey!

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