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Faasos food delivery app: Review

Hello lovelies!

Without much banter, I am going to review an app which has been such a saviour for me for the past few months- the Faasos food app. Whenever I’m hungry in office, and am not carrying lunch from home, typically once a week, I quickly log in to the app on my phone, mostly order a wrap/ roll and wait for my order. Happens every week!

faasos food delivery app review indian food bloggers

Using the app is fairly simple. You just tap that icon on your phone, select your favorite food from the menu (ranging from Indian to international cuisines) and order away. Psst.. They also deliver chai!

Once your order has been placed, you can track the progress of the order in real-time on the app itself, and within the promised time (depending on how big your order is), the food reaches your doorstep. Piping HOT!

I appreciate how quick their service is, and how the food comes nicely packed. They send everything ready-to-eat, along with spoons/ forks, and their special masala, which oh-my-God is so yummm!

faasos food delivery app review indian food bloggers

Featured here are some cheesy chicken meatballs and a chicken wrap. I think I’m a huge fan of the wraps that they do. Love them!

faasos food delivery app review indian food bloggers

I order from Faasos quite frequently, and have never faced any issues till date. The food is always tasty, hot and freshly prepared, neatly packed and delivered on time (which I guess is important for when you are hungry). Also, the fact that the food doesn’t cost you a bomb helps a great deal, and I think this is good app to try especially for those staying alone.

Great work by Faasos. Do check them out!

PS- If you are planning to pay in cash on delivery, please keep exact change with you!

PPS- Another app I reviewed a few months back- Biteclub.

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