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Fresc Co Pizza festival

Hey everyone!

A few days back, I attended the Napolitano Pizza festival going on at Fresc Co. Having visited this place a few times earlier, my interest was at it’s peak for the pizza festival. I love pizzas. Especially ones that are thin-crust (beaten by hand) and made with authentic ingredients and methods.

fresc co pizza festival

So Fresc Co is running this Napolitano Pizza Festival these days, with some interesting pizzas on the menu. At the media- meet that I attended, Brand Chef Ankit Mangla demonstrated pizza making which was to be followed by us, with various doughs and all ingredients laid out on the table. So I also tried my hand at making a pizza base (see above pic) and man, it is tough to keep pressing the dough with just the fingers and create a pizza-base. My hands hurt, and how! But in the end, the effort was well worth it and I was appreciated by Chef Ankit.

Love the blue and white ambience at Fresc Co.

fresc co pizza festival fresc co pizza festival


One of the best accompaniments with a nice, freshly baked pizza is Rose Wine that we were served. You must try it some time. Of all drinks, wine is my favorite with Italian food anyways, and Rose Wine made my day!

fresc co pizza festival
Rose Wine

And this is what my pizza looked like after it got baked. My mistake- I added the basil leaves before it got baked and the leaves got charred! LOL! And the base that I made got a little thicker after baking, so I learnt a few lessons there 😀

fresc co pizza festival
The final outcome- charred leaves 🙁

Some more pics from the event are below. Drool!

fresc co pizza festival

fresc co pizza festival
Classic margarita pizza with rocket leaves
fresc co pizza festival
Ceasar’s Salad pizza- Fresc Co pizza festival

fresc co pizza festival


Also loved the peach iced tea and love these mason-jar like glasses! 😀

fresc co pizza festival
Peach iced tea

Overall, I loved the whole experience at the Fresc Co Napolitano Pizza Festival. You must go there sometime soon to try out all the pizzas!

Also recommended at Fresc Co (from past visits)- buffet lunch and dinner, fish fingers, seafood paella.

Fresc Co in Delhi/ NCR– Janpath (Connnaught Place), Ambience mall (Gurgaon), IGI Airport (Terminal 1D).

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