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Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon: Staycation

Hey everyone!

We have seen a few long weekends just go by, and there are three more coming up before the end of the year. And while it is always a good idea to book yourself a flight ticket and fly down to an exotic location, some of us just do not enjoy being in crowded touristy places for every vacation. Sometimes, you just need to be away from home, yet just relax and do just about nothing like sightseeing and too much travelling. I, for one, am that kinda person who loves such lazy vacations where I can pamper myself to the core!

So last month, our Team set out for a quick vacation to Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon. Since we are based in Delhi (south Delhi, to be precise), the property was just a quick 1-hour drive away from our side of Delhi. This distance made the hotel location just perfect in terms of accessibility. The property is about 45 minutes away from the Delhi airport.

Upon reaching the hotel, we were welcomed by the warm and cheerful staff. The waiting lounge at the hotel is in itself a huge space, which leads you to the lounge where you can grab a quick coffee or a drink and relax for some time, if you choose to stop-over at the hotel during your journey.

hyatt regency gurgaon lobby

We next checked into our room- the Regency King Suite, with a drawing room, a huge bedroom, a walk-in closet and a hugeeee bathroom. Lots of handcrafted chocolates and fresh fruits in the room to welcome you! Our room offered us a view of the highway in front of the hotel, and the view looked amazing at night!

hyatt regency gurgaon reviews

hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review

After relaxing for some time, we headed towards their in-house multi-cuisine restaurant- Kitchen District, or KD, as it is fondly called, which boasts of cuisines such as Mediterranean, Asian, Indian, Japanese and Patisserie, all under one roof. And while I shall do a separate post on the food itself, coz 1 post cannot really do justice to the entire dining experience, we must add here that the staff at KD was very warm and made us feel at-home all the time, and ever so politely insisted that we try more and more dishes from the menu. You don’t usually see that kind of enthusiasm oozing from the staff very often.

hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review

The food was really good, you guys! We tried a lot of things from the a la carte menu for lunch. Started off with some stacked melted goat cheese which just kicked up our appetite! We also tried some curry puffs, veg and non-veg Yakitori, pan fried chicken liver with pomegranate and puff bread, and my favourite mushroom wantons which just melted in the mouth. The chicken liver dish was the best dish I’ve had with livers, with no funky flavour that livers usually carry. Love!

kitchen district hyatt regency gurgaon review
Top: Curry puffs, Pan fried chicken liver
Bottom: Melted goat cheese, Yakitori (veg & non-veg), mushroom wantons

Next, we tried the Laksa soup- I had the prawn variant and my friend had the vegetarian one. This one is a meal in itself- a huge bowl of yummy soup with veggies and prawns- perfect for a chilly winter afternoon too. The Pide, a traditional Turkish pizza, was a new thing that we tried and quite liked. These are a very good alternative to your regular pizza! The Lamb Randang was quite a spicy, flavorful dish which I quite enjoyed with rice.

kitchen district hyatt regency gurgaon review
Prawn laksa soup, veg and non-veg Pide, Lamb Randang

By this time, we were kinda famished with the food, but at Hyatt, you can’t just have a few dishes and be done with your meal 😛 So we also tried a few more dishes like the creamy mushroom risotto and the prawn linguini. But my favourite of the whole lot was the crispy roast duck with beetroot and orange, and a potato puff! Gosh, I so want to have this dish again!

Finished off the meal with a lemon cheesecake topped with a chocolate macaron! What a meal it was! And everything made to perfection with so much love!

kitchen district hyatt regency gurgaon review
Top: Mushroom risotto, Crispy Roast Duck
Bottom: Prawn linguini, Lemon cheesecake with chocolate macaron

Our lunch got extended by quite a few hours because we just couldn’t get enough of the amazing food, and ofcourse, the Hyatt hospitality! After the lunch and another short break, we headed towards the pool to take a dip while the sun was setting in the background. And after spending almost an hour by the poolside, we headed back to our room to get ready for the dinner. We were literally on eat-sleep-repeat mode 😛

hyatt regency gurgaon review

Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon also has these huge event spaces at the property, where people are known to organize everything from birthday parties to big fat Indian weddings to indoor cricket matches! Apart from these, there are convention centres too for business meetings, conferences, etc.

hyatt regency gurgaon review

And look at how beautiful the poolside looks by the night!

hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review

The rest of our evening began with a few drinks and appetizers at the Long Bar, which was bustling with a lot of happy energy and conversations all around. Trust me guys, you have to be there to know what I’m talking about. The bar derives it’s name from it’s shape- a rectangular bar with a long bar counter on one side and plush seating on the other side, this was one of the prettiest bars I’ve been to in a long time! You can catch up with friends or colleagues over a few drinks here, or watch live matches. Pretty much, just relax!

hyatt regency gurgaon review

hyatt regency gurgaon review

The Long Bar has an amazing spread of alcohol, and the bartenders made a few drinks for us keeping our taste in mind.

hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review

long bar hyatt regency gurgaon review

We then proceeded for dinner at Kitchen District again, with a very interesting buffet spread. We would have loved to try their Awadhi restaurant Lavana too, but at the time of our visit, they were renovating the restaurant.

kitchen district hyatt regency gurgaon review
Dinner buffet

After all this action, we called it a day! Next morning, we headed to Kitchen District again for breakfast and were wowed by the lavish spread again- everything from fresh juices and smoothies to fresh bakery items, dosas and fresh waffles was there on the menu, and for a minute, we felt like a kid in a candy shop.

hyatt regency gurgaon review hyatt regency gurgaon review

Right after the breakfast, we headed to the spa. None of our holidays is ever complete without a trip to the Shvasa spa, which I shall review separately, but for now, just enjoy the pictures!

hyatt regency gurgaon review

hyatt regency gurgaon review

After the spa, it was time for us to head back home.

We loved every bit of our stay at Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon, and if you too are looking at spending a relaxed weekend out with your family, bonding over some poolside activities and good food and hospitality, you MUST try out the property. The location- away from the city yet not too far- makes it perfect for family vacations, business travellers and event (related travel) aloke. I’m definitely going back the next time I feel like taking a quick break from my hectic schedule.

Special thanks to the Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon team for hosting us with them, and being the best ever hosts!!

Leaving you here with some candid moments 😉

hyatt regency stay review
Candid moments!- Coffee at the lounge, desserts for dinner, poolside evening, dinner outfit

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