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Jashn-e-Awadh food festival {Paatra}

Let’s begin this conversation with the hottest topic in town- authentic food/ cuisines or fusion food- what’s your fancy?

I, for one, relish authentic delicacies more than fusion food, which, whether we like it or not, is here to stay!

The old-world charm and subtle balance of flavors that is associated with authentic dishes, and the numerous stories that the chefs and food enthusiasts come up with in relation to a particular dish is what makes a dish more interesting, apart from the very obvious factor- taste. Each person has a story to tell when it comes to such food, and a memory attached with it, be it that of travel or having had that dish on a special occassion. Sitting with foodies, gorging on authentic, centuries-old recipes which have been passed down from one generation to another, and listening to all these stories was the order of the day yesterday, when I was invited to the Jashn-e-Awadh food festival being held at ‘Paatra’ at Japyee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, Greater Noida.

paatraThe chefs who have come down from Bawarchi Tola, turned out one Nawabi (Royal) dish after the other for all of there, and with each dish, all we could say was- Masha-allah!

Take a look at the dishes below:

paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
The spread of chutneys (sauces) and achaar (pickles)
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Shaami kebabs served with khus and rose sharbats
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Murgh ke Teekhe Tikke
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Galouti kebabs
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Nukhte kebab
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Serve salads in glasses- saves space and looks interesting!
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Akbari Nihari
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Qasar-e-Pukhtan: Cottage cheese cubes in saffron and tomato gravy
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Lagan ka Murgh: Chicken cooked in cashew nuts and yoghurt in a copper utensil
Assortment of breads
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Gosht Yakhni Pulao: Fragrant basmati rice and lamb cooked on ‘dum’ in a sealed pot with aromatic spices, saffron and cardamom.
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Shahi Tukda and Zaffrani Kheer for desserts
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Sweet paan (betel leaves stuffed with sweet Gulkand)
paatra jashn-e-awadh festival
Chefs with magic in their hands

Don’t miss the galouti kebabs from starters, Akbari Nehari and Lagan ka Murgh from main course along with the various breads, and the Zaffrani Kheer from the desserts 😀

Where: Paatra, Jaypee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, Greater Noida

paatra jashn-e-awadh festivalSo guys, do visit Paatra within the next few days if you love authentic Nawabi food ‘coz the food festival is on only till the next weekend!! Do share your experiences in the comments below 🙂

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