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Kale & hearty | The Green Snack Co.

the green snack co kale chips

Healthy snacking is the way to go for a fashionista on the move! As much as we love to gorge on chips and cookies to satiate our hunger pangs in between meals, we know that eventually these food items are NOT helping our body in any way. Processed foods are loaded with sugar, salt, and all things bad!

The latest snack item that has caught my fancy is this array of kale chips from The Green Snack Co. They offer healthy, neither baked nor fried- but air dried- kale chips in three flavor variants at the moment.

About The Green Snack Co. Kale chips: “KALE CHIPS – “THE SUPERHERO OF HEALTHY SNACKS”. Finally! A truly healthy snack bursting with nutrition and flavor! Prepared with raw Kale, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts, our Kale Chips are the ultimate snacking option that promise to deliver complete fulfillment to both – your fitness goals as well as your discerning palate!”

the green snack co kale chips the green snack co kale chips the green snack co kale chips

Kale is loaded with beneficial nutrients, and if ‘cooked’ the right way, it is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. It is an excellent source of anti-oxidants (bye-bye wrinkles!) and vitamin- C. It also helps lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. It helps with the eyesight, and in maintaining bone health too. Boosts the metabolism and helps regulate weight. The benefits of kale are just way too many, and it truly is one of the most powerful plant-based source for a lot of vitamins & nutrients.

the green snack co kale chips

Adding kale to your diet is quite an easy task. You may grow some fresh leafy plants of these in your terrace garden, and prepare a salad whenever need be. But gosh! Who has that kind of time these days!! It is only our laziness that comes between us and good health.

Fortunately, we now have these kale chips from The Green Snack Co. in three mouth-watering flavors, that you can take with you on the go, and nibble whenever hunger strikes!

Why you should try these:

  • Not fried
  • Not baked
  • Prepared by dehydration- the water content evaporates, leaving behind nutrient packed kale.
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • No MSG (the ingredient that drowned our favorite Maggi!)
  • No artificial flavoring substances!
  • Gluten free

the green snack co kale chips

Having tried all the three variants, I can vouch for the taste! Turning raw kale into something this tasty is quite a feat, and The Green Snack Co. deserves a pat on the back. My favorite remains the Cheese & Onion variant, which you must try out, and which is going to be a big hit amongst the kids too! These are also available in ‘Thai Sweet Chili‘ and ‘Sea Salt & Vinegar‘ variants.

the green snack co kale chips

If you’re a fashionista on the go, looking for healthy snack options, you may check out these awesome kale chips. Afterall, looking good on the outside begins from the inside!

These are priced at Rs. 200 each for a 30g pack, and come in re-sealable, travel friendly bags.

Contact The Green Snack Co. on FacebookInstagram, or call +91 7498022022 to place your order.

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