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Movie review: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo #PRDP

Hello everyone!

So I watched Prem Ratan Dhan Payo today. Not a Salman fan as such, this was my first ever Salman movie at the theatre. So, you can already guess how much I love his style of movies. And NO, I do not hate him. I just don’t happen to love him blindly.

Anyhow, coming to the movie itself. Salman’s most iconic characters have been named Prem, all from the house of the Barjatyas. This one too rides on the Prem factor. Or tries to.

prem ratan dhan payo reviews

The movie starts with a {grand} Ramlila scene, with Salman making his entry when some guys are trying to tease Sita maiyya. The Ramlila becomes Premlila, aka, Prem Dilwale style Ramlila. Prem Dilwale is the common-man, who is innocently in love with Maithili Devi (Sonam Kapoor), a princess who runs an NGO called ‘Uphaar’. Prem collects donations for the NGO, and his only wish in life is to be able to meet Maithili Devi once.

prem ratan dhan payo reviews

Cut to a Palace in the next scene where a Prince’s coronation/ Raj Tilak ceremony is about to happen in a few days. The Prince, Vijay Singh, is a look-alike of Salman’s first character Prem Dilwale. Maithili Devi is coming down for the coronation, and to go pick her up from the railway station, Vijay’s step-sisters need to be convinced. They turn him down. He leaves in a fit of rage. Gets trapped in a controversy at the behest of his younger brother Niranjan (Neil Nitin Mukesh) and falls from the mountain. Take note- he suffers from cerebral injuries and oedema, and there are grim chances of survival. Now the big question- what will happen to the Raj Tilak for which people from all over the world have started flying in?

prem ratan dhan payo reviewsWhile buying medicines for the Prince from a local market, one of his security guards happens to meet Prem Dilwale, and gets him to the Palace to act like the Prince for the ceremony. And from here on, we know how predictable the movie will be. Common man is being trained to act like the Prince. He does that for a bit, then breaks all protocol and does things his way, including wooing his fiance’ Maithili Devi and set their family relationships right. From playing football with the ladies (Tod Tadaiyya song) to giving away the Palace, he does it all to convince the step sisters (Swara Bhaskar and Aashika Bhatia) of his/ Prince’s love. After the coronation ceremony, the Prince also gets well (even after cerebral oedema, he magically gets fit in a matter of 4 days), fights with his younger brother who realizes he was being cheated by his friend/ confidante himself (Arman Kohli), and ends up patching up with him too.

prem ratan dhan payo reviews

So the Princess is now happy. The step sisters are happy. The younger brother is happy.

Finally, they have all found the ‘Prem Ratan Dhan’ they were looking for. SOOOO much love! Sigh, if only it were this easy in real life too.

Now once the Prince is back home and Prem Dilwale is also back to his home, the Princess confesses his love for Prem Dilwale to the Prince, and one fine day, the whole family comes to hand over the Princess to her real love Prem Dilwale. So obvious. Duhh.

The movie has been shot at very elaborate sets, most of it being in a Palace. The Sheesh Mahal in the movie is a sight to behold. Sonam is looking pretty, though Salman totally over-shadows her with his double roles. Swara Bhaskar as Salman’s step sister and Anupam Kher as Diwan Saheb are convincing. Neil Nitin Mukesh has done all he could for his role. Arman Kohli- looks like Big Boss season 8 (2014) did work for him and helped him grab this role. Wait, was he the villain? Oh yes. But a very tiny role for a villain. 😛

The film also has a total of 10 songs- there’s a song for every situation in life- going to meet the girl/ boy (buy chakli and matthi for gifts next time), complaining to the guy, playing football, etc. After every few scenes, you get that feeling- oh, another song!

Overall, the movie is strictly for Salman Khan fans. There is no other charm to the movie- neither in the storyline, nor in the acting of the supporting caste.

Rating: I’d give it 1 star.

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