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New menu at Open House Cafe, CP

Open House Cafe- New Menu

Hi everyone!

Getting back with food posts here on the blog after a short hiatus post my wedding, I’m going to start with the newly introduced menu at Cafe Open House in CP, Delhi.┬áIt had been a while since I went there, but when my dear friend Chef Saurabh Bhatnagar (you last met him at Oh Bao) who recently joined them (and re-invented the menu) invited me over for lunch, I could not refuse. Read on for my take on the new menu!

open house cp review
Roasted Tomato Basil Bisque- Open House Cafe, CP

We chose to start with a roasted tomato and basil soup to get our taste buds cracking! For the kiddo on our table, we ordered pasta & fries to keep him busy while we munched on things such as baked butter chicken jackets (potato shells stuffed with butter chicken and baked to perfection), Lahori fish fingers served with a cocktail of dips, etc.

open house cp review

open house cp review
Baked Butter Chicken Jackets- Open House Cafe, CP
open house cp review
Lahori Fish Fingers- Open House Cafe, CP

We really enjoyed Thing Ming mushrooms- crispy mushrooms tossed in oyester sauce to perfection. The chicken tikka with the theatrics of live flambe at the table were a great dish too. The live flambe only added an extra punch of smokiness to the flavor! Amazing!

open house cp review
Thing Ming Mushroom- Open House Cafe, CP

open house cp review open house cp review

Also high on the innovation scale are the bhuna gosht sliders- pulled mutton in mini buns never tasted this good before. For the quintessential rajma chawal fans, there’s a new way of having your favorite dish- the rajma chawal croquettes.

open house cp review
Bhuna Gosht Sliders- Open House Cafe, CP
open house cp review
Rajma Chawal Croquettes- Open House Cafe, CP

There’s an array of dimsums to cater to your taste too. And after all these starters, we weren’t left with much space in the tummy to try a lot of main course, but maybe we’ll do that the next time around. The fish clay pot meal we tried was delicious, and something we highly recommend!

open house cp review open house cp review

We highly recommend the baked butter chicken jackets, lahori fish fingers

Kindly note that some portion sizes above are not full portions. We ask restaurants to serve us smaller portions when we go for reviews to help avoid food wastage. We were hosted by the restaurant for this post. Views expressed above are honest, though.

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