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PizzaExpress new menu: Review

Hey everyone!

One of my best discoveries of 2015 in terms of food was PizzaExpress. They undoubtedly serve some of the best pizzas in town, and ever since I went there for the first review last year (read the post), I’ve been there numerous times thanks to the amazing pizzas they do! You can instantly tell how much passion goes into making a dish at a restaurant, and PizzaExpress sure does it in style.

With the completion of 50 years now, they have launched a new menu to celebrate their 50 years of successful global journey. We sampled the new menu recently. Read on for all the details..

pizza express review delhi food blog
Emilgrana & Mushroom Dip and Pumpkin & Mint Dip

The newly launched delectable dishes in the menu range from oven-baked ‘Cicheti’ to refreshing and nourishing salads, risotto, an exquisite range of pastas, and an all new ‘65 range’ of Pizzas. The new sharing starter include the cicheti– little dishes traditionally served in the hidden local bars of venice- available with a choice of Emilgrana & Mushroom Dip and Pumpkin & Mint Dip finished with pine nuts & Chilli flakes.

pizza express review delhi food blog
Cicheti with Emilgrana & Mushroom Dip and Pumpkin & Mint Dip

Spiedene di Gambero– grilled prawns served with watermelon, rocket and olive salad was an excellent start to the meal. Prawns grilled with chili flakes, served with a cold salad. Yum!

pizza express review delhi food blog
Spiedene di Gambero

New salads include the Poached Pear & Goat’s Cheese Salad served on a bed of crispy rocket topped with pears poached in red wine, creamy goat’s cheese, crunchy pine kernels and crispy Emilgrana crisp. One of my favorite salads lately, the homemade crisps were amazing.

pizza express review delhi food blog
Poached pear and goat’s cheesesalad

From the pasta menu, we tried Polpette Picante, a warm spicy baked penne pasta with chicken meat balls, chicken premix, creamy béchamel, fresh red chilled, spicy jalapenos, topped with mozzarella and garnished with crispy rocket, nutty shaved emilgrana and fresh basil leaves. The meatballs were very succulent, and the jalapenos added much desired heat to the dish.

pizza express review delhi food blog
Polpette Picante

Pizza lovers will be thrilled with the introduction of the 65 range of Pizzas- the classic Pizzas originally launched in 1965 re-introduced with more flavours and awesomeness. This includes the new Soho 65, the classic Soho served with crispy rocket garnishing, nutty shaved Emilgrana and soft buffalo mozzarella while the Formaggi 65, the thick crush cheesy pizza comes with buffalo mozzarella and emilgrana topped with shaved emilgrana to make it more cheesier.

pizza express review delhi food blog

For those with love for bigger, thinner and crispier romana base, they have launched the Verdura Bianca, romana base drizzled with olive oil topped with grilled courgettes, aubergine and woody mushrooms and mozzarella, finished with grated emilgrana and fresh hand torn basil leaves.

The classic Pizza lovers can enjoy the new Sassi, classic PizzaExpress base with whipped cream and topped with fennel chilli sausage, mozzarella, chopped red onion flavoured with fresh thyme and finished with crispy rocket and emilgrana crisp. Pork lovers can try their famous Pomodoro pizza- Salsiccia e Pomodro prepared with Pomodoro sauce, chilli and fennel pork sausages baked with mozzarella cheese and finished with fresh chopped parsley.

To satisfy the sweet-tooth cravings are some classic desserts, including the home-baked Vanilla Cheesecake and PizzaExpress’s famous warm Dough Balls served with Nutella to dip. We tried the cheesecake and also their Banoffee pie, both with flavored gelatos. The cheesecake at PizzaExpress is to die for!

pizza express review delhi food blog
Cheesecake with chocolate gelato
pizza express review delhi food blog
Banoffie pie with vanilla gelato

Overall, if you love pizzas, don’t miss out on Pizza Express, especially their new menu. You’ll love them for sure.

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