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Plaza Premium Lounge review

Hey everyone!

After my last experience with Plaza Premium Lounge last year, I decided to avail their services again when I was flying out of India a few weeks back. Read on for the deets!

plaza premium lounge

Plaza Premium Lounge is the pioneer in independent airport lounge concept that is open to all travellers, irrespective of airline or travel class. They have various services like airport lounges, VIP meet and greet, transit hotels, concierge, baggage handling and delivery, business centres, airport dining, airport spa and beauty services etc. Their airport lounges are the best you will find, with the best of services at your perusal. The staff greets you with a warm smile every time you go there and always assist you around the lounge. You also get to try their extensive buffet meals. This time around, we settled for just a banana smoothie since we were at the lounge at around 4 am, and just wanted a light and healthy drink before the flight which would keep us hydrated too.

As always, we tried the spa services too. I love getting a good foot massage right before I fly, especially if it is a long flight that I’m looking forward to. It helps you stay comfortable during the long hours of being seated in one place. You should defintiely try their spa services too!

Plaza Premium Lounge operates in more than 140 locations in 35 airports globally, and we’d highly recommend that you try their services the next time you fly! More about them on their Website.

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