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RE Cafe & Bar (Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj)- Review

Hey everyone!

So we’re OD-ing on food reviews these days, but with the Delhi food scene bustling with so many new and interesting options, there’s little we can do but eat! Today let’s take you down to Re Cafe in Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Delhi and see what this new place has to offer!

The first thing that you notice as you enter the cafe and bar is the cheery decor with fresh yellows in abundance. Each part has a slightly different theme, and the seating, etc changes from part to part. They even have some outdoor seating options, but towards the inside of the mall, so if you sit in the ‘outdoor’ area, you are basically sitting in the main mall area. The staff happily welcomes you to the cafe/ bar and also help you pick items from the menu.

About the cafe: Re-juvinate, re-fresh, re-live, re-lease! That’s the belief on which Re café is conceptualized. Located in the heart of Delhi, at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Re Café is a casual & chic coffee shop serving comfort food from around the globe in a bright & cheerful ambience.

re cafe delhi review

The other side of the cafe & bar offers a panoramic view outside, with a huge glass wall on one side.

Re Cafe & Bar

Another thing that caught my fancy as I sat down on my table were the place-mats. Denim mats with a pocket to hold the cutlery in place. Quite a fancy thing!

re cafe delhi review

Now coming to the real deal- the food! The staff made me try a whole lot of things, and in all honesty, I really liked the food. Here’s what all I tried:

re cafe review
Fresh tomato and basil soup

Fresh tomato and basil soup: I really could gauge the freshness of the soup- that tangy taste you get from fresh tomatoes was very much evident. Very home-style and comforting, creamy, warm soup. The side-breads were crisp and fresh too. I’d go back some day for just the soup maybe!

re cafe review
Bhel aur Papad cones

Bhel aur Papad cones: Next up were some cute-looking bhel and papad cones, served in shot glasses, so you can pick up your serving and nibble. I love it when food is presented in ‘different’ ways!

re cafe review
Paneer tikka, Bruschetta, Cauliflower Tart Gratin

More stuff to nibble on- Paneer tikka which tasted perfect. Bruschetta with perfect too- crisp bread and fresh salsa topping, I feel the flavor of the salsa could have been a tad better. Still, it was good and I quite liked it. Me and my veggie friend, both didn’t fancy the cauliflower tarts though- these were a little too soft to pick up too, so they were breaking right on the plate 😐

re cafe review
Non veg platter with ‘Country Sausages on Fire’

Next some non-veg snacks with tandoori chicken etc. The highlight of the platter were the ‘Sausages on Fire’- chunks of chicken sausages sauteed with some spicy sauce and veggies. Perfect accompaniment for beer! 😛

re cafe review
Chicken, paneer and idli papdi chaat

Also very interesting were the papdi chaats– we tried 3 variants- paneer, chicken and idli.. So imagine your regular papdi chaat with these interesting twists. The best I liked was the idli papdi chaat which you must try out.

re cafe review
Three jolly sliders

The three jolly sliders or mini-burgers tasted bang-on! Loved the succulent patties inside each (chicken, mutton, veg) and the spicy fries that came along were also a big hit with us.

re cafe review
RE Gourmet Pizza

RE Gourmet Pizza– ah, there’s nothing better than a nice and crisp, fresh thin-crust pizza. With this one too, RE cafe nailed it. The pizza spread was good, and there was just the right amount of cheese too!

re cafe review
Best Half of Chicken with BBQ sauce

Best half of chicken with BBQ sauce– this was my personal favorite of the whole lot- chicken cooked to perfection with barbeque sauce, served on a bed of mashed potatoes, and veggies on the side. Oh, how I’m craving to go back to this one. This is what I call ‘comfort food’. Highly recommended.

PS- The chicken was not completely de-skinned, so see if you like it that way.

re cafe review
Nihari platter

Another highlight for me was the Nihari– I’ll be honest, I’m not in the position to comment if this was the ‘authentic’ types, since I do not have much experience with Niharis, but what was served to me tasted really nice. Served with a naan (again, in a glass 🙂 ) with crispy onion juliennes, chillies, etc. on the side- this one’s a complete meal for one person.

re cafe review

I cannot recall the name of the dessert here- I guess this was the Sinful Twin Sundae– this was a little too sweet at the top, but nicely balanced with fresh fruits in the heart of it. The fresh cream wasn’t the very heavy sorts too.

re cafe review

For drinks, we had some mocktails which they make with fresh fruit juices. Of course, we got these first. I’m just showing these to you last 😛 Re café also has an extensive bar menu comprising of the choicest wines, single malts, spirits and innovative and refreshing cocktails. Ideal for an evening out with friends.

Final word: Overall, I loved the food at Re Cafe and Bar and would recommend you to visit them the next time you visit Ambience Mall in Vasant Kunj. The staff is warm and welcoming and they have a good grip over the menu, so they keep coming up with suggestions that you may like. The service is great.The ambiance is perfect for an outing with the family and friends, or even a date.

~~~ Ratings ~~~
Ambience: 5/5 | Food: 4.5/5 | Drinks: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Hygiene: 5/5
~~~ Details ~~~
Address: F 136, 1st Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

 Have you been to RE Cafe & Bar yet? Do share your experiences in the comments below 🙂


  1. Tiger Tiger

    Nice blog , a must try . Did u go back again

    • Ritu Ritu

      thanks a ton! 🙂
      not yet, but I might go back the next time I visit the mall 🙂

    • Ritu Ritu

      haha.. do try! 🙂

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