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Recipe: Stuffed pita pockets

Hey everyone!

Here’s presenting the simplest and quickest recipe for stuffed pita pockets. Pita pockets are as such a very versatile item, and you can stuff them up with anything that you are craving for at the time of preparation. However, I have a particular favorite, which I am sharing with you guys today.

diy pita pockets recipe veeba sauces

You'll need:
  1. Grilled and halved pita pockets
  2. Chicken/ mutton seekh. Vegetarians can go for paneer tikka/ aloo tikki
  3. Any sauces you like. I totally dig this Barbeque sauce and Olive oil mayonnaise from Veeba
  4. Lettuce leaves
  5. Any other salad stuffing to go with the veg/ non-veg stuffing. I prefer a few slices of tomatoes.
  1. Heat/ cook the veg/ non-veg stuffing that you are going to use.
  2. Chop the mutton/ chicken/ veg stuffing into small pieces. Need not be very neat.

diy pita pockets recipe veeba sauces3. Add the sauces as per your taste. I have added barbeque sauce and mayonnaise. Optional- add black pepper.

diy pita pockets recipe veeba sauces
Veeba sauces- Olive oil mayonnaise and Barbeque

4. Evenly spread some mayonnaise inside the pita pocket.

diy pita pockets recipe veeba sauces

5. Start stuffing the pocket- first spread a lettuce leaf, followed by the salad/ tomatoes.

diy pita pockets recipe veeba sauces

6. Stuff up the pocket with the prepared stuffing.

diy pita pockets recipe veeba sauces


Hope you liked this simple recipe. It is a hit with my family, and is something you can prepare for a quick weekend get-together very easily too. The Veeba Barbeque sauce gives a very smoky flavor, and there isn’t much cooking that you need to do to get the flavor right.

What are your favorite pita-pocket stuffings? Do share in the comments below.

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