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Save money with Couponzguru

Hey everyone!

It’s the holidays here in India. All schools and colleges go on a two month long summer break from May- June every year, and there are two things that you predominantly do during these two months- you either travel to some exotic location, or if you have guests at home, you end up celebrating each day like it’s a party, and no party in India is complete without lots and lots of food! All that of course takes a toll on our wallets. So let me take this opportunity to introduce you to a coupons website CouponzGuru which will help you save some big bucks this holiday season, whether you are travelling or entertaining guests/ friends at home.

couponzguru review

A friend in need is a friend in-deed! CouponzGuru is basically your friend in need, when you need to save some money. Simply go to the website, select the category that you want to save on, select the offer you like on your favorite brands/ stores, and you’ll get a coupon code for the same which you can either use on the site you are shopping on, or CouponzGuru will take you to that site with just a click. There’s no compulsion to sign in/ sign up too, which I really appreciate 😛 And they have coupons for almost all popular e-commerce stores, along with interesting coupons in Bank, travel and food categories.

couponzguru website review

So, say you wanted to save some money on your next trip, simply go to the Travel tab, click on hotel or flight section and you’ll see a plethora of deals. Select the deal most relevant, say those of TravelGuru, click on ‘Get The Deal’ and done!

travelguru coupons

Similarly for food! Just saved some money on Dominos Pizzas for a party at home tonight 😛 Waiting for my order to arrive as I’m writing this post!

dominos coupons

Do give CouponzGuru a try. The coupons are really interesting! 🙂

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2. All images here are screen-shots taken from the website in real-time. Offers/ deals subject to change.

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