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Sawatdee- Thai Food Festival at Barbeque Nation: Review


That literally translates to ‘hello’ in Thai language! Barbeque Nation is running the ‘Sawatdee‘ Thai Food festival at their outlets currently, and we took a taste of it. Read on for all the details 😉

barbeque nation saket

Ambience: Bright and cheerfully done up restaurant setting, this place is good to go out with families and friends alike. For the Thai Food Festival, they have done up the place with some cute little additions to the decor like traditional round lamps etc.

barbeque nation saket thai food festival barbeque nation

The menu: Currently, they have Thai food varieties added to their menu, while most regular menu options are available too. The serving style is buffet, so you eat to your heart’s content without worrying about the mounting bill.

Drinks: We tried two mocktails from the menu- Date Night, primarily pineapple based, and Gleechee– a lychee based drink with a nice ombre pink color through the glass, and we loved this one!

thai food festival barbeque nation
Date Night, Gleechee

Starters: Now there is no denying the fact that a live coal grill on the table to add the finishing touches to your favorite starters is a very cool concept. They serve you unlimited starters on your table, and you need to grill them as per your preference right in front of you. An array of sauces and dips are also available to add different flavors to the starters while you are grilling them. My favorites from the vegetarian section were the Chiang mai Mushrooms (mushrooms with Thai red sauce), Sisakaet Corn (friend baby corn, with Panko- a japanese style breadcrumb) and Pino Q (pineapple and veggies with Thai flavors). From the non-veg section, my favorites were the Bi Kaeng Kung and Chamchuri Prawns– both different styles of prawns, but both were very good in terms of flavor. I hogged on prawns, to say the least! The Pattaya Crab Cakes were good too!

thai food festival barbeque nation

thai food festival barbeque nation
Love coal grill on the table!
thai food festival barbeque nation
More starters

Once we were done with the starters, we proceeded to try the main course etc.

Soups- Tom Yum Kai (Thai chicken soup) and Coconut Cream soup were on offer, and while I tried both, I liked the Tom Yum Kai better.

thai food festival barbeque nation
Soups- Tom Yum Kai, Coconut Cream soup

Thereafter, it was time for salads and main course. The salad counter had an array of options like Prawn salad, Som Tom (Thai papaya salad) and Thai fresh rolls (veggies wrapped in ricepaper), along with boiled eggs, various options for curd and dips, pickles etc. to suit both the Indian palate and otherwise.

thai food festival barbeque nation
Salad counter

My favorite was this Thai prawn salad. Very refreshing between the starters and main course!

thai food festival barbeque nation
Thai Prawn salad

Next was the main course. With mainly Thai  flavors on offer, the buffet also had some Indian varieties on offer- you know, for when you are going there with family, and the elders prefer Indian food only. You get both biryani and dal makhani, along with Thai food. So this mix of varieties is a good option.

thai food festival barbeque nation

The vegetarian section had Phad Pak (stir fried veggies), Kaeng Khiao Wan Pak (veggies in Thai green curry), veggies in Arabiatta sauce served with Khaw Phad Pak (veg fried rice) and Pad Thai noodles.

The spread also had Dal Makhani, veg Biryani, Paneer tikka makhani and Aloo gobhi methi masala for those who need Indian variety.

thai food festival barbeque nation

The non-vegetarian section had Siam Chicken with an interesting Peanut sauce, Thai Pla Kaeng (fish in green sauce) and Phad ki Phrik which was my favorite with chilis and cashew nuts.

Also on offer were Railways Mutton Curry which had an Indianised flavor, and chicken biryani.

thai food festival barbeque nation
Main course & desserts

All of this followed by a host of desserts. From Indian mithais like gulab jamun, phirnee to ice cream and custard, they had it all. Mango and sago pudding, coconut cheesecake, litchi and lemongrass pastry from the Thai menu were a welcome change from the regular desserts, though the highlight of the whole show was the lemongrass kulfi served with orange sauce.

thai food festival barbeque nation

thai food festival barbeque nation
Lemongrass Kulfi

Do give Sawatdee Thai food festival a try at Barbeque Nation while it lasts. You are bound to love the food and the variety of options on offer, without breaking the bank!

Don’t miss- Gleechee mocktail, Pino Q and Chamchuri Prawns (starters), Prawn salad, Kaeng Khiao Wan Pak and Phad ki Phrik from the maincourse, and the lemongrass kulfi.

When and where: Barbeque Nation outlets across Delhi- NCR till 26th July 2015.

Average meal for two: Approx. Rs. 1600

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