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Say cheese!

Hey everyone!

How has the last week been for you all? After my ‘summer’ post here, the weather in Delhi seems to have mellowed down a bit for a few days it seems. Just temporary though! And, I’ve had tons of cheese this week! I mean, insane amount of cheese, so much so that I have decided I will stay away from cheese for the next few weeks! And now I just want to take you guys onto this guilt trip with me 😛 Wanna take a look? Scroll down!

Went to Chili’s in Saket this week for lunch. Love this place. The staff is very welcoming and serve you well. And the dimly lit ambience is what I love for a relaxed meal.

chili's delhi

And the logo all around, from the back of bar chairs to table-top decor, is really cute!

chili's delhi

Tried the ‘Texas cheese poppers’ served with a jalapeno ranch dip. Cheese poppers, fried to perfection, crisp from outside and gooey from the inside. The dip that was served along was good too. On the downside, me and my friend thought the salt content in the cheese poppers was on the higher side.

Rating: 4/5

chili's delhi

Next came the ‘Veggie and Cheese Quesadillas’. These are basically tortillas filled with mushroom and spinach in a creamy, cheesy sauce. Served on a platter with sour cream, rice and beans, and ‘pico de gallo’ or fresh salsa. The platter looked and tasted amazing! For us, the dish would have been complete with just the quesadilla, sour cream and the salsa. The rice and beans were just ‘extras’. 😐

Rating: 4.5/5

chili's delhi chili's delhi

Then came the dessert- the molten chocolate cake, topped with ice-cream and chocolate syrup. YUMMYYYY!

chili's delhi

Then I also went to Elma’s Bakery this week- they have re-opened in Hauz Khas Village at a new location. Had the vegetable pie- crispy outside and oozing with cheese and cream inside. Perfection! (Below pics were taken from mobile camera, so pardon the quality!)

elma's hauz khas village

When at Elma’s, tea is not to be missed. Had the Rose Tea this time. Very subtle, and totally refreshing- just what you need on a summer day, when you still want tea.

elma's hauz khas village

Had these ‘cheese fries’ at New York Slice, another cool cafe at Hauz Khas Village. These fries were dipped in cheese! Sinfully amazing!

cheese fries

And then these garlic knots– dough knots sautéed in garlic butter and herbs- can it get any better? Okay, no cheese in here, but yumm nevertheless!

cheese fries

And then I also made some cheese-loaded stuff at home. Simple cheese-and-tomato grilled sandwich- reminds me of my childhood days so much! 😀

cheese sandwich

And then I made veggies in white cheese sauce (yes, I made the cheese sauce at home too). This turned out to be ah-mazing!

cheese sandwich-2

So that wraps up my cheese-loaded week! What about you? 😀

On another note, I’m thinking of doing a ‘Food Weekly’ feature on the Blog, wherein I’d share all the food I’ve had in the week. Whatsay?

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