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Steam & Grills seafood fest at The Kylin Experience, Holiday Inn

Hey everyone!

They say sea-food is an acquired taste. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but the saying is mostly true. You either love sea food, or you don’t. And even if you love sea food, you may not relish every dish on offer. Some varieties of sea-food need careful understanding and dedication on one’s part to be able to enjoy them. Kylin Experience at Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar is currently running a sea-food promotion/ festival for you to savour some interesting sea-food dishes. Read on below for a quick take on the limited-edition sea-food menu 🙂

kylin experience holiday inn review

The ambience, which I always feel goes a long way in setting your mind up for the food/ drinks to follow, is all oriental at The Kylin Experience, keeping in mind that they serve Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisines. A lobby and bar make up for the entrance, which is perfect for times when you only want a few drinks and some snacks. For the full meal, you can proceed towards the dining area. They have a sushi counter and a live teppenyaki counter too.

kylin experience holiday inn review kylin experience holiday inn review

The meal started off with a Wasabi based cocktail, which I’d say was one of the most unique drinks I’ve had in quite some time now. Wasabi has a naturally pungent and hot flavor of it’s own. The cocktail, however, had a very subtle flavor of the same. If you love experimenting with cocktails, do try this one out for kicks!

kylin experience holiday inn review
Wasabi cocktail

What followed was a platter of Dragon Roll, basically sushi in different avatars (and colors), served in the shape of a dragon on a plate. I do not fancy sushi much, so I didn’t try this one. Hence, I won’t comment on it much, but just wanted to share the pic with you guys!

kylin experience holiday inn review
Dragon sushi roll

Coming to the main deal- the sea food festival specialities. Started off with a beautiful looking whole red snapper, dunked in black pepper sauce. The flavorsome sauce did not over-power the fish, and added a boost of flavor. This was one of my favorites from the lot!

kylin experience holiday inn review
Red snapper in black pepper sauce

Crab in basil and chili sauce was up next. What I really loved at The Kylin Experience was that each sauce was totally different from the others, and had a very distinct flavor of it’s own. Yet, the sauces did not overpower the flavor of the actual sea food on offer, which is how sea food should be served. This one was another very delicious sauce, which went well with the crab. Jumbo prawns in pepper and celery sauce also had a delicate yet potent flavor.

kylin experience holiday inn review
Crab in basil and chili sauce
kylin experience holiday inn review
Jumbo prawns in hot pepper and celery sauce

While we were at it, we also tried the chicken Thai green curry (for times when you have chicken lovers along with you), along with some veg options from their regular menu. I must add here that the chicken Thai green curry was amazingly well made too.

kylin experience holiday inn review
Chicken in Thai green curry

For all your mains, you can choose from sticky rice, steamed rice, vermicelli noodles and stir fry veg noodles as accompaniments. I’d recommend sticky rice and veg stir fried noodles (below) to go with your food.

kylin experience holiday inn review

Finished off the meal with some desserts. Chocolate mah-jong, with layers of chocolate, was a decent one to try. Wasabi cheesecake lacked a wee bit in flavor- I couldn’t taste much of wasabi, though I’m sure any more wasabi would have tossed this out of the ‘dessert’ category.

kylin experience holiday inn review
Chocolate mah-jong
kylin experience holiday inn review
Wasabi cheesecake with blueberries

Overall, if you love sea food and oriental flavors, The Kylin Experience is the place you should head to right now! They have some amazing work going on with the sauces in all the dishes, and the entire experience was a real good one!

Sea Food Festival dates: till the 30th of September, 2015

Where: The Kylin Experience, Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, New Delhi

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