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Home style food with Review

Hey foodies!

However much we all love eating outside, there’s nothing more comforting than a scrumptious home cooked meal. But there are times when you are either not in a mood to get into the kitchen to prepare a full-blown meal, or are just short of time. Or maybe you are just not good in the kitchen department 😛 is a Gurgaon-based chef designed virtual restaurantBite Club lauds good and interesting food featuring a daily rotating lunch and dinner menu of sumptuous meals, desserts and drinks designed and prepared by chefs who promise innovation and variety with every meal.

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La Piazza, Hyatt Regency, Delhi- new menu

Hey everyone!

The 21 year old iconic Italian restaurant, La Piazza at Hyatt Regency, Delhi has recently added some new dishes to their menu, taking inspiration from Milan & Rome, especially crafted by Chef Luca. So get ready to take a trip down to Milan & Rome with the new menu. Read our review below 🙂

la piazza hyatt regency delhi review
Antipasto di affumicati

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Awadhi food festival at Dilli 32, Kempinski Ambience, Delhi

There’s a popular saying, that the higher you want to rise, the closer you should remain to your roots. The moment you lose contact with your roots, you start losing ‘something’ unexplainable! The same concept applies to food. Keep it close to it’s roots, as close to it’s original flavor as possible, and people will keep coming back to it, again and again. In a country with as diverse cuisines as ours, the options are unlimited when it comes to taking your taste buds on a trip. Take a trip down memory lane with us, and savour some authentic Awadhi food from the land of the Nawabs at the ongoing Awadhi Food Festival at Dilli32, Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi. Read on for a mouth watering journey 😉
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