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The Oudh at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi: Review

Hey everyone!

I’m back with another food review, and this time with something very close to my heart! Team Heels & Coffee Beans recently went down to The Ashok Hotel, Delhi to try out The Oudh, an Awadhi cuisine restaurant which takes pride in serving authentic flavors and dishes. Read on to know our take on The Oudh.

First off, the name is pronounced as The ‘Awadh’ and not ‘oodh‘ as one may be tempted into pronouncing it as, owing to the spelling. This is because during the British regime in India, that’s how they used to pronounce Awadh. Hence, to retain the historical flavor, the restaurant uses the same spelling as earlier.

the oudh ashoka hotel review
The entrance

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Awadhi food festival at Dilli 32, Kempinski Ambience, Delhi

There’s a popular saying, that the higher you want to rise, the closer you should remain to your roots. The moment you lose contact with your roots, you start losing ‘something’ unexplainable! The same concept applies to food. Keep it close to it’s roots, as close to it’s original flavor as possible, and people will keep coming back to it, again and again. In a country with as diverse cuisines as ours, the options are unlimited when it comes to taking your taste buds on a trip. Take a trip down memory lane with us, and savour some authentic Awadhi food from the land of the Nawabs at the ongoing Awadhi Food Festival at Dilli32, Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi. Read on for a mouth watering journey 😉
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Market Cafe (Delhi): Review

Hey everyone!

I recently happened to visit Market Cafe at Greater Kailash-2 in Delhi to check out their winter (and regular) menu. My routine has been pretty hectic of late, and a food review on a week-day was just what I was looking for. The chilled out ambiance at Market Cafe coupled with good food really helped break the monotony for me. Read on for more details!

market cafe review

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FoodieMusings: Laziz Kabab, Zu Tisch, etc!

Hey everyone!

I’m back with this month’s foodiemusings, the monthly food edition, and all that I’ve been gorging on these past few days. Well, this month saw Diwali come and go, and this time I practised quite a lot of restraint with sweets 😐

Anyhoo, let’s start with my favorite favorite dish ever! I loveeeee the Afghani Cream Chicken at Laziz Kabab, Khan Market, Delhi. This dish, along with roomali rotis, is my comfort food. Good mood, bad mood, happiness, sadness, come what may- take me to Laziz Kabab and nobody gets hurt! I just love this dish to death! It is basically Afghani tandoori chicken (which you can eat separately too) to which some Amul cream is added and it is cooked lightly. The end result is gooey, creamy, succulent chicken floating in cream gravy. The cream, in the end, isn’t as heavy as you must be assuming right now. You have to try this out to know what you are missing! And you will get addicted!

The restaurant is quite small with limited seating (if you are going there alone, you can share a table too). They have nice biryani, kababs and rolls, etc. too, but cream chicken is my favorite!

Best had with roomali rotis and some Maaza (that’s how I like it!).

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#FoodieMusings: Karim’s, Airport, Foodhall, etc.

Hey everyone!

August has come to an end already, and here’s a new section on the blog- #FoodieMusings! Even though I’m an out and out foodie and a regular blogger, it is not always possible to share everything in detail on the blog, given how much I eat! LOL!

So #FoodieMusings shall be like quickie food posts- things that I have been eating on the go and whether I recommend them or not!

First off, you must check out the post on Jashn-e-Awadh food festival at Paatra.

And some more food now 😀

Foodhall is doing an American-cuisine festival all of this month, and I tried a couple of things like Greek Salad, burgers with black bean+ feta+ chipotle salsa which were yum, and waffles with ginger and orange reduction on top. Goes to my must-make-at-home list! Heavenly!

foodie musings
Greek salad- Foodhall

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Teppenyaki treat at Chew!

Hey everyone!

So I headed to Chew- Pan Asian Cafe yet again for a food bloggers meet recently. And I have to admit that the more I visit this place, the more I fall in love! And each time, it is the food that continues to attract me! This time, the Teppenyaki menu was the order of the day. The chefs demonstrated some live cooking, and we had some delicious food in front of us within minutes. Chew is one place which not only serves delicious pan-asian food, the desserts are equally amazing!

Take a dekko below 🙂

teppenyaki food chew cafe
Live Teppenyaki cooking- Chew Pan Asian Cafe’

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DIY healthy dip for Tortillas: Recipe

Monsoons are finally, hopefully here in Delhi now. It rained cats and dogs here today. And when it rains, the first thing we think of is spicy, fried food! Being the total foodie that I am, the first thing that I like to do the moment it rains is to run to the kitchen, make some french fries or fritters, make tea/ coffee for everyone and sit by the window-side with a book in hand!

delhi rains
A glimpse of the amazing rain today from the inside of my car!

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