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Top 5 Traditional Indian Delicacies Made Healthy

The flavor and fragrance of Indian dishes have driven the world crazy. Very few can resist for long from taking a dive into the world of ingredient-rich and spice-packed Indian dishes. It’s the unique essence of panchphoran and dhanak masala that gives Indian spices its mouth-watering flavor. But, are all Indian dishes only about being oily and spicy? It might come as a surprise to many, that several traditional Indian dishes are actually prepared with very healthy ingredients.

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FoodieMusings: Laziz Kabab, Zu Tisch, etc!

Hey everyone!

I’m back with this month’s foodiemusings, the monthly food edition, and all that I’ve been gorging on these past few days. Well, this month saw Diwali come and go, and this time I practised quite a lot of restraint with sweets 😐

Anyhoo, let’s start with my favorite favorite dish ever! I loveeeee the Afghani Cream Chicken at Laziz Kabab, Khan Market, Delhi. This dish, along with roomali rotis, is my comfort food. Good mood, bad mood, happiness, sadness, come what may- take me to Laziz Kabab and nobody gets hurt! I just love this dish to death! It is basically Afghani tandoori chicken (which you can eat separately too) to which some Amul cream is added and it is cooked lightly. The end result is gooey, creamy, succulent chicken floating in cream gravy. The cream, in the end, isn’t as heavy as you must be assuming right now. You have to try this out to know what you are missing! And you will get addicted!

The restaurant is quite small with limited seating (if you are going there alone, you can share a table too). They have nice biryani, kababs and rolls, etc. too, but cream chicken is my favorite!

Best had with roomali rotis and some Maaza (that’s how I like it!).

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DIY healthy dip for Tortillas: Recipe

Monsoons are finally, hopefully here in Delhi now. It rained cats and dogs here today. And when it rains, the first thing we think of is spicy, fried food! Being the total foodie that I am, the first thing that I like to do the moment it rains is to run to the kitchen, make some french fries or fritters, make tea/ coffee for everyone and sit by the window-side with a book in hand!

delhi rains
A glimpse of the amazing rain today from the inside of my car!

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