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Keventers in it’s new avatar!

Hey everyone!

The iconic milkshake brand- Keventers, recently opened it’s new store at Select Citywalk, Delhi. I have so many memories attached to the brand Keventer’s since childhood- from their glass bottles to the long queues in front of their store, from their pineapple shake to the cassatta, everything has a sweet memory attached to it!

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#FoodieMusings: Karim’s, Airport, Foodhall, etc.

Hey everyone!

August has come to an end already, and here’s a new section on the blog- #FoodieMusings! Even though I’m an out and out foodie and a regular blogger, it is not always possible to share everything in detail on the blog, given how much I eat! LOL!

So #FoodieMusings shall be like quickie food posts- things that I have been eating on the go and whether I recommend them or not!

First off, you must check out the post on Jashn-e-Awadh food festival at Paatra.

And some more food now 😀

Foodhall is doing an American-cuisine festival all of this month, and I tried a couple of things like Greek Salad, burgers with black bean+ feta+ chipotle salsa which were yum, and waffles with ginger and orange reduction on top. Goes to my must-make-at-home list! Heavenly!

foodie musings
Greek salad- Foodhall

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Do the Dumpling Doodle Do {Chew Pan Asian Cafe}

chew pan asian cafe-7

Hey everyone!

A few days back, I had the opportunity to attend a media-only food event at Chew Pan Asian Cafe. I have already been there previosly, but this time the event was all about DIMSUMS aka dumplings- my favorite favorite food of all times! Needless to say, I went berserk hogging (maybe that should have been the last line!). I had an amazing time, and the dimsum heaven that Chew is, I’d recommend all of you to give it a try! Continue reading Do the Dumpling Doodle Do {Chew Pan Asian Cafe}

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Mangolicious food bloggers meet {Chew- Pan Asian cafe}

Hey everyone!

OMG! This is a crazyyyy mango-filled post, so mango lovers, brace up! Lots of pictures, and yummy ones at that! I was invited to a Mangolicious (Food) Bloggers meet at Chew- Pan Asian Cafe’ (Connaught Place- Delhi) a few days back, and OMG! I had so much fun! Now enough of keeping you waiting, time for some pics!

But first, something about the cafe’, as they like to call it! ‘Chew’ has a very cool ambience, mosaic flooring et. al. The staff is very warm and welcoming. They also have an open kitchen, a huge spice-rack wall (not in pics), and the highlight of the cafe are the hanging/ swinging seats, a favorite of couples!

chew pan asian cafe delhi

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Evening date outfit

Hey everyone!

How many of you went through the live telecast of Oscar awards, looking for fashion inspiration? Well, I did! Being a blogger, keeping a tab on the latest happening in and around the world of beauty and fashion is, what I’d like to call it, my duty! So while I work on the Oscar fashion post, here’s some quick evening date outfit inspiration for you girls! Easy, effort-free chic is what defines my style on most days, and this outfit reflects just that!

Wore a sharply-tailored black blazer over black denims, and some pink and gold accents through the printed shirt, clutch and jewellery.
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Cafe Zo, Hauz Khas Village: Review

Helloooo people!

Like we all know, this blog is being written by a girl who is crazy about food, apart from her makeup! And what better way to start food trails here than to review my favorite place to eat-out in! Today I’m going to review my super favorite ‘Cafe Zo’ which is located amidst the scenic and always buzzing with youth and energy- Hauz Khas Village in the heart of South Delhi.

The cafe has super cool, vintage appeal to it- from the worn out chairs to the dim lighting and huge chandeliers, everything appeals my taste the minute I enter inside. One side of the cafe has huge windows, outside which are huge trees, so you get a lush view, with birds and squirrels popping in and out. Occasionally, you may spot a peacock too 😀 .

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Heels & Coffee Beans: First post, and why we are here!

Hello everyone!

So this is officially the first post on Heels & Coffee Beans, and I’d like to whole heartedly welcome you all to this new Blog of mine, after The Indian Beauty Blog. Having already running a beauty blog for almost 2 years now (yes, time flies, and how!!!), I really wanted to share with you all some other aspects of my life too. The Indian Beauty Blog is going to be only up for ‘beauty’ posts from now, and everything else, like my foodie trails, travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc. will come on over here now, coz these do make up for a large part of my life. I had this domain with me since a few weeks already, but it is only now that I’m getting to work here.

surajkund mela

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