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Recipe: Stuffed pita pockets

Hey everyone!

Here’s presenting the simplest and quickest recipe for stuffed pita pockets. Pita pockets are as such a very versatile item, and you can stuff them up with anything that you are craving for at the time of preparation. However, I have a particular favorite, which I am sharing with you guys today.

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The Oudh at The Ashok Hotel, New Delhi: Review

Hey everyone!

I’m back with another food review, and this time with something very close to my heart! Team Heels & Coffee Beans recently went down to The Ashok Hotel, Delhi to try out The Oudh, an Awadhi cuisine restaurant which takes pride in serving authentic flavors and dishes. Read on to know our take on The Oudh.

First off, the name is pronounced as The ‘Awadh’ and not ‘oodh‘ as one may be tempted into pronouncing it as, owing to the spelling. This is because during the British regime in India, that’s how they used to pronounce Awadh. Hence, to retain the historical flavor, the restaurant uses the same spelling as earlier.

the oudh ashoka hotel review
The entrance

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The Project at Park Balluchi, HKV- Review!

Hey everyone!

The Project at Park Balluchi, HKV is the newest ‘IT’ food place in town, and has been gathering lots of buzz around it on social media ever since it launched a few days back. Located in the heart of Hauz Khas Village inside the deer park, The Project is THE place for you if you don’t like waiting in queues at the regular places in HKV. Read on for a full review!

The decor/ ambience

Spread over a vast area inside the deer park, The Project has both indoor and outdoor seating, surrounded by lush greens on all sides. On one side outdoors (see pic below), you are separated from the deer seated next to you while you are having your meal/ drinks by just a wall of glass. There are very few restaurants in Delhi which offer such a ‘close-to-nature’ feel.
the project at hkv review

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Jashn-e-Awadh food festival {Paatra}

Let’s begin this conversation with the hottest topic in town- authentic food/ cuisines or fusion food- what’s your fancy?

I, for one, relish authentic delicacies more than fusion food, which, whether we like it or not, is here to stay!

The old-world charm and subtle balance of flavors that is associated with authentic dishes, and the numerous stories that the chefs and food enthusiasts come up with in relation to a particular dish is what makes a dish more interesting, apart from the very obvious factor- taste. Each person has a story to tell when it comes to such food, and a memory attached with it, be it that of travel or having had that dish on a special occassion. Sitting with foodies, gorging on authentic, centuries-old recipes which have been passed down from one generation to another, and listening to all these stories was the order of the day yesterday, when I was invited to the Jashn-e-Awadh food festival being held at ‘Paatra’ at Japyee Greens Golf & Spa Resort, Greater Noida.

paatraThe chefs who have come down from Bawarchi Tola, turned out one Nawabi (Royal) dish after the other for all of there, and with each dish, all we could say was- Masha-allah! Continue reading Jashn-e-Awadh food festival {Paatra}

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