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Steam & Grills seafood fest at The Kylin Experience, Holiday Inn

Hey everyone!

They say sea-food is an acquired taste. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but the saying is mostly true. You either love sea food, or you don’t. And even if you love sea food, you may not relish every dish on offer. Some varieties of sea-food need careful understanding and dedication on one’s part to be able to enjoy them. Kylin Experience at Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar is currently running a sea-food promotion/ festival for you to savour some interesting sea-food dishes. Read on below for a quick take on the limited-edition sea-food menu 🙂

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Cafe Zo, Hauz Khas Village: Review

Helloooo people!

Like we all know, this blog is being written by a girl who is crazy about food, apart from her makeup! And what better way to start food trails here than to review my favorite place to eat-out in! Today I’m going to review my super favorite ‘Cafe Zo’ which is located amidst the scenic and always buzzing with youth and energy- Hauz Khas Village in the heart of South Delhi.

The cafe has super cool, vintage appeal to it- from the worn out chairs to the dim lighting and huge chandeliers, everything appeals my taste the minute I enter inside. One side of the cafe has huge windows, outside which are huge trees, so you get a lush view, with birds and squirrels popping in and out. Occasionally, you may spot a peacock too 😀 .

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