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Five best places to visit in India post monsoon!

Monsoons have officially said their last goodbyes to the Indian subcontinent for this year now, now that we are in September. And the official festive season is just about to begin, which means there are a lot of long weekends coming up for you to put on your travel shoes and go out and about! Here’s our list of the top 5 places you must visit during September to November in India.

Parasailing in Goa, India

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Ramgarh Heritage, Panchkula: Luxury and heritage


It leaves you speechless. Then turns you into a storyteller!

We recently went down to Ramgarh Heritage at Panchkula, a 30-minute drive from Chandigarh, a quaint 325 year old heritage family haveli converted into a heritage resort recently. The resort stands tall and proud with all the history that has happened in it’s complex and vicinity. Read on for more!
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5 Expensive Designer Watches You Can Wish to Buy

We have seen everyone from celebrities to politicians and business tycoons flaunting them and have envied them for being to afford such luxury. Whether we like to wear watches in general or not; we would all want to own a luxury wristwatch. If not for wearing, then just for showing off maybe. However, if you don’t typically wear a watch (any brand for that matter) then you are missing out one of the most fashionable accessories designed for men. A watch increases your overall personality by positioning you as person who values his time. So better get a watch if you want to really impress the ladies out there!

But this article isn’t about fashion tips or how to dress to impress. Don’t worry we might write a piece on that pretty soon enough. But, right now, all I want you guys to do is sit back, relax and get introduced to the 5 most expensive watches you can wish to buy.

BvlgariDiagono Chronograph

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Kale & hearty | The Green Snack Co.

the green snack co kale chips

Healthy snacking is the way to go for a fashionista on the move! As much as we love to gorge on chips and cookies to satiate our hunger pangs in between meals, we know that eventually these food items are NOT helping our body in any way. Processed foods are loaded with sugar, salt, and all things bad!

The latest snack item that has caught my fancy is this array of kale chips from The Green Snack Co. They offer healthy, neither baked nor fried- but air dried- kale chips in three flavor variants at the moment. Continue reading Kale & hearty | The Green Snack Co.

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Sheer goodness: Oscars 2015 Red Carpet

Hey everyone!

The world (atleast my side of the world) woke up to gorgeous pictures of pretty ladies (and dapper gentlemen) at the red carpet of the Oscar 2015 awards ceremony. While I was drooling at the gowns and makeup of the lovely ladies, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a lot of ‘sheer’ element in the dresses. Delicate, sheer fabrics, see-through accents and lacy embroideries were seen everywhere. Spring is truly here, and this might just be the hottest fashion trend of the season.

Check out my top picks below. I couldn’t just stop at ‘top-10’ or something like that.

1. Jeniffer Aniston wore an Atelier Versace gown which had a peek-a-boo lower half along with a sexy side-slit till the knee.

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Travel High-Fives: London

Hi there, I am back with another virtual tour for you (after Dubai) and this time it’s the Queen’s land “London”.

Let me start by cautioning you about the hotels in London. They are too expensive!!! I stayed in Hilton but only managed to stay because I got a good deal at that time. Though the hotels are expensive, you save a lot on travel as compared to most of the other countries and that is because of their tube service. You can travel anywhere in London with the help of the tube as their connectivity is really commendable. Just take a one day pass and enjoy unlimited travel!!!

By suggestion: When in London, always take a tube than a taxi as it is much faster, cheaper and fun!!

1. Madame Tassauds

This I guess I don’t even have to tell anyone visiting London as this place is somewhere you will “obviously” go. Madame Tassauds is full of fun where everyone is busy clicking pictures with their favourite people. Some of the statues are just so real for example the Queen, David & Victoria Beckham, President Obama and so many more. You will need at least 4-5 hours to enjoy this place thoroughly. I was really proud to see so many statutes of Indians there.

After exiting the main halls there is a very cool souvenir shop where it is impossible to not get tempted and buy some really cute stuff. I was and is always tempted and thus got a pink coffee mug for myself and a few magnets (which I always buy whenever I go anywhere as I love collecting magnets).

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Travel High-fives: Dubai

Hi friends, today I am going to take you through Dubai and five top things to do/ places to go or food to try plus something that I saw by luck. So what are we waiting for??? Let’s begin…

Let me first start with my hotel. I stayed in Fraser Suites and it was a wonderful experience staying in that property. Each room is like a studio apartment with your kitchen, living room, bedroom and a bath. The location of the property was ideal as I could see the Palm Jumeirah on one side and the main city from the other side. Check out the pictures of the view from my room.

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