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The Lalit Mangar: Staycation review

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury! ~ Coco Chanel

So a few weeks back, our quest for luxury took us to the newly opened The Lalit Mangar, situated in the heart of Mangar village in Haryana, just around Delhi.. The property is super close to Delhi, and offers an unimaginable view of the Aravali hills, something which is totally unheard of in the Delhi-NCR area. Read on for our full take on this beauty!

The property

The moment you enter the property, you know you’ve stepped in for some peaceful luxury! The place is very calm in itself, and the grandeur of the property only adds to the serenity.

the lalit mangar review indian travel blog

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Paris in a day- Travelogue

Paris in a day!

They say that ‘A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere else’. And you can only testify for the same once you are back from Paris. Actually, you never come back from Paris. You leave a piece of your heart there. That’s the magic of the beautiful and majestic Paris, which I’m sure is unlike any other place on this planet. Or at least I’m obsessed with it!

Last year, I had the chance to visit Paris for a few days for work, but the first day for me was completely free, so I decided to travel as much as possible and cover as many best tourist places in Paris as I possibly could. Here’s what you can do too is you wanna see Paris in a day, especially when you don’t wanna get on one of those hop-on-hop-off buses coz who likes routines!

First off, I took the Paris Metro and reached Pont Alexandre III. It is a beautiful arch bridge that spans river Sienne. A beautiful bridge in itself, this one point will offer you a view of Paris Eye, Les Invalides and the tops of the Eiffel Tower in a gorgeous panoramic view. You could spend some time here and just soak in the ‘feel’ of Paris all around you.

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OOTD: What I wore for a friend’s engagament+ Kullu travel diary

Hey everyone!

If you have been following me on Instagram, you already must know that last weekend, I was in the pretty hill-station Kullu (Himachal Pradesh, India) for one of my best friend’s engagement and a weekend getaway! Here’s to give you all the details on my outfit which got a lot of adulation and enquiries on social media. Read on!

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Travel High-Fives: London

Hi there, I am back with another virtual tour for you (after Dubai) and this time it’s the Queen’s land “London”.

Let me start by cautioning you about the hotels in London. They are too expensive!!! I stayed in Hilton but only managed to stay because I got a good deal at that time. Though the hotels are expensive, you save a lot on travel as compared to most of the other countries and that is because of their tube service. You can travel anywhere in London with the help of the tube as their connectivity is really commendable. Just take a one day pass and enjoy unlimited travel!!!

By suggestion: When in London, always take a tube than a taxi as it is much faster, cheaper and fun!!

1. Madame Tassauds

This I guess I don’t even have to tell anyone visiting London as this place is somewhere you will “obviously” go. Madame Tassauds is full of fun where everyone is busy clicking pictures with their favourite people. Some of the statues are just so real for example the Queen, David & Victoria Beckham, President Obama and so many more. You will need at least 4-5 hours to enjoy this place thoroughly. I was really proud to see so many statutes of Indians there.

After exiting the main halls there is a very cool souvenir shop where it is impossible to not get tempted and buy some really cute stuff. I was and is always tempted and thus got a pink coffee mug for myself and a few magnets (which I always buy whenever I go anywhere as I love collecting magnets).

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Travel High-fives: Dubai

Hi friends, today I am going to take you through Dubai and five top things to do/ places to go or food to try plus something that I saw by luck. So what are we waiting for??? Let’s begin…

Let me first start with my hotel. I stayed in Fraser Suites and it was a wonderful experience staying in that property. Each room is like a studio apartment with your kitchen, living room, bedroom and a bath. The location of the property was ideal as I could see the Palm Jumeirah on one side and the main city from the other side. Check out the pictures of the view from my room.

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#Travelogue #Andamans: The ocean, Havelock island and Kala Patthar

Hey everyone!

I’m back with part-2 of the Andamans Travelogue series on the blog- and this time, it’s literally a ‘water water everywhere’ kinda post!

After our first day at Port Blair, the next day we headed out to Havelock Island. Travel from one island to another is always by ship, but between Port Blair and Havelock, you can even book a helicopter if you please. We went by ship, coz this is the best way to experience the sea! And this 4 hour journey left us mesmerised- being on a ship with just a bunch of other people, and having nothing else but water around you leaves you with a lot of time to introspect- you feel really tiny and small in front of the vastness of the ocean! Anyhoo, have a look at the pics 🙂

Leaving Port Blair:

kala patthar havelock island andamans travel

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