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Delhi to Jaipur: The Long Weekend getaway!

With a quarter of 2017 already gone by, it is now time to start planning for the upcoming long weekends in 2017, since there aren’t too many left anyway, and before we know it, the year might just end. So bring out those planners and start planning. The best thing to do on a long weekend is to go to a tourist place near to where you live, ideally at a driveable distance. I find driving down to some place more enjoyable than taking a flight, especially when you are out to enjoy a long weekend with family or friends. You can make stopovers at your favorite local restaurants or dhabas, stop for tea breaks and enjoy the scenic views from the car while listening to your favorite songs.

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Andamans travelogue- Teaser

Hey everyone!

I returned from a trip to the Andamans a few days back, and whoa! Andamans is really veryyyy beautiful! Words aren’t enough to describe how calm, serene and relaxing every moment, every place in Andamans is! In all honesty, if you want to unwind, and if beach holidays are your thing, go to Andamans next!

I will be sharing detailed posts on my stay in the Andamans in the days to come, but for now, I just couldn’t resist the urge to share some pictures with you guys anymore! So here we go.. Enjoy a glimpse of the beauty that Andamans is!

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Evening date outfit

Hey everyone!

How many of you went through the live telecast of Oscar awards, looking for fashion inspiration? Well, I did! Being a blogger, keeping a tab on the latest happening in and around the world of beauty and fashion is, what I’d like to call it, my duty! So while I work on the Oscar fashion post, here’s some quick evening date outfit inspiration for you girls! Easy, effort-free chic is what defines my style on most days, and this outfit reflects just that!

Wore a sharply-tailored black blazer over black denims, and some pink and gold accents through the printed shirt, clutch and jewellery.
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Cafe Zo, Hauz Khas Village: Review

Helloooo people!

Like we all know, this blog is being written by a girl who is crazy about food, apart from her makeup! And what better way to start food trails here than to review my favorite place to eat-out in! Today I’m going to review my super favorite ‘Cafe Zo’ which is located amidst the scenic and always buzzing with youth and energy- Hauz Khas Village in the heart of South Delhi.

The cafe has super cool, vintage appeal to it- from the worn out chairs to the dim lighting and huge chandeliers, everything appeals my taste the minute I enter inside. One side of the cafe has huge windows, outside which are huge trees, so you get a lush view, with birds and squirrels popping in and out. Occasionally, you may spot a peacock too 😀 .

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Red Fort- a photowalk!

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to share with all you lovelies some pics from a photowalk I went to with a group of photography enthusiasts some time back. We went to the Red Fort in Delhi, and while some of you might find it un-necessary to see more Red Fort pics online, I still wanted to show you guys some through my eyes. This walk happened a few months back, and I’m going for another heritage walk this weekend, so before the next one, here’s a glimpse of the last one!

PS: I am no photographer!

The very first glimpse, early on a September morning in Delhi 🙂

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Heels & Coffee Beans: First post, and why we are here!

Hello everyone!

So this is officially the first post on Heels & Coffee Beans, and I’d like to whole heartedly welcome you all to this new Blog of mine, after The Indian Beauty Blog. Having already running a beauty blog for almost 2 years now (yes, time flies, and how!!!), I really wanted to share with you all some other aspects of my life too. The Indian Beauty Blog is going to be only up for ‘beauty’ posts from now, and everything else, like my foodie trails, travel, fashion, lifestyle, etc. will come on over here now, coz these do make up for a large part of my life. I had this domain with me since a few weeks already, but it is only now that I’m getting to work here.

surajkund mela

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