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DoubleTree by Hilton, Agra: Review

Hey everyone! We recently went down to Agra, the city of love, for another trip. The close vicinity of this place from Delhi makes it an ideal weekend getaway destination from Delhi. This time around, we travelled by the new Gatimaan Express which takes you from Delhi to Agra in exactly 90 minutes. In Agra, we stayed at DoubleTree by Hilton this time. Since we have already seen the Taj Mahal quite a few times (check last travelogue here), we decided to skip another trip to it and lounge in the hotel itself! Read on for the details on this luxury property in Agra!double-tree-by-hilton-agra-review-travel-blog Continue reading DoubleTree by Hilton, Agra: Review

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Popular Treks in the Himalayas

The majestic Himalayan mountains bordering Northern India have attracted thousands of people from all over the world. Some people say they find God in the Himalayas. Whether or not you find God there, a trek in the Himalayas is sure an unique, lifetime experience. Be it the low oxygen levels, the biting cold weather, dangerous spots in the trail, being in the middle of nowhere… and you are panting, out of breath… You wish to go back to your cosy bed in the hotel from where you started. You know the destination is far, far ahead. And you are stuck in between, breathless in a no-man’s land. And it becomes a matter of survival then… Its a state where the mind blanks out and your higher self takes over. Every trekker in the group stops talking and somehow at this moment, everyone is more connected than anytime else… stopping to help others cross dangerous places, offering water bottles…

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