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#TMI: 25 random things about me!

Hey everyone!

So it is my birthday this month, and as the countdown to the d-day started a few days back, reality struck one fine day midnight, and I got into the serious, contemplative mode- thinking all about what all has changed in the last 1 year. A lot of relief, though, came from the fact that things have only become better in most aspects of my life. And while I was thinking about all this, I realized that life always teaches you the lessons that you ought to know, and these lessons are the ones that make you the person you are today.

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And somehow, all these things are very random. To you, they may seem normal. Your friends and family will most likely be happy to adjust with these random things. But to a random person, these may be seem weird, or at least different.

So here goes.. 25 random things about me in a random order:

  1. I’m addicted to coffee, in case that wasn’t too obvious from the blog’s name.
  2. I’m scared of dogs! An un-explainable phobia grips me every time there’s one around me. I generally tend to freeze/ freak out/ cry!
  3. I’m a self confessed good cook, though I only cook occasionally.
  4. My nose is my sixth sense. It is both a good thing and bad. My nose picks up smells much before anyone else’s does.
  5. I’m VERY punctual. Respecting time (both mine and that of others) is one of my top priorities.
  6. I’m currently obsessed with playing HayDay on my phone.
  7. I don’t watch much TV. Haven’t closely followed any TV series till date. Not even F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or HIMYM.
  8. I don’t love sleeping. Such a waste of time!
  9. I know 2 languages- English, Hindi (my mother language).
  10. Pink is not my color. Not a fan!
  11. I was bad with Maths in school. The only time I got more than 70 marks in Maths was in the class X boards (78, precisely). Thereafter, I opted for non-Maths in Class-XI. Good riddance.
  12. I don’t enjoy cheesy, romantic movies. Rom-coms or period dramas any given day.
  13. I’m a very loyal person, and I know how to keep secrets.
  14. I am very lazy when it comes to exercising. Not something I enjoy!
  15. I don’t come across as a friendly person in the very first meeting. Typical Scorpio.
  16. I get irked while driving when someone tries to overtake my car. (As told by a friend).
  17. Super finicky with hygiene. Obsessed with buying tissues. I have them everywhere around me.
  18. I’m brutally honest at most times. Diplomacy ain’t my thing! 😛
  19. I’m also not someone who judges people too quick. To each his own.
  20. I don’t easily trust people. (Hence, point #15).
  21. I want to learn how to swim.
  22. I get cold feet when asked to dance.
  23. I’m not much of a religious person.
  24. My comfort food is a big bowl of dal makhani with a crispy, buttery, garlic naan. Yes, even though I love me a good non-vegetarian dish, I go back to dal+ naan whenever I possibly can!
  25. Took me more than 3 days to work on this post.

Outfit deets~ Top: Elle, Skirt: Forever 21, Flats: Inc.5

Location: Four Points by Sheraton, Agra


  1. Shilpa Shetty Shilpa Shetty

    Loved knowing you better,.. Nice post,…

  2. smita smita

    Love reading ur both blogs. Random things about you are quite interesting.. I really like ur eye makeup

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