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Top 5 Traditional Indian Delicacies Made Healthy

The flavor and fragrance of Indian dishes have driven the world crazy. Very few can resist for long from taking a dive into the world of ingredient-rich and spice-packed Indian dishes. It’s the unique essence of panchphoran and dhanak masala that gives Indian spices its mouth-watering flavor. But, are all Indian dishes only about being oily and spicy? It might come as a surprise to many, that several traditional Indian dishes are actually prepared with very healthy ingredients.

healthy indian snacks

But, before we get to the part of how to make these dishes healthy, yet tasty, we need to ensure the use of filtered water for cooking these gastronomic delights. Water is an essential ingredient of any Indian dish, and you cannot risk turning your nutrition-loaded platter into an agent of water-borne diseases. But in the present scenario, with drinking water in India getting highly polluted, it’s time to switch to RO water purifiers. India is well known for serving ethnic cuisine with hygiene and purity, and well-known brands like Kent RO water purifiers play a significant role in this.

Chicken Stew and Appam

chicken stew

A famous recipe from God’s own country – Kerala! South-Indian style chicken stew is made with chunks of baked chicken immersed in thick coconut gravy. Indian spices used in chicken stew further add to its health benefits. Cardamom used in its gravy prevents acidity and bloating, and fennel seeds act as anti-oxidants.

Other spices used in its gravy are coriander powder, cumin powder, cloves and cinnamon in a proportionate amount.

For a delicious meal with your family and friend, you can have healthy appam with nutritious chicken stew. Prepared using oat and rice flour, it is also the favorite oil-free version of paranthas. It is pan fried which helps you to lower your blood cholesterol.

Cabbage Chapatti

healthy snacks

Easy to prepare and delicious to eat, cabbage chapatis can be a healthy breakfast option. Those who want to have a filling meal can move away from the traditional aloo and paneer paranthas options and shift to cabbage parantha or chapati. Mix shredded cabbage in whole wheat flour to increase its nutritional value and lower down its calorie content. Though whole wheat flour is better than white flour, it still doesn’t stand at the top of the nutrition ladder.

High gluten content and glycemic index make whole wheat flour not a very healthy option. Further, cabbage is an excellent source of vitamins and also has anti-inflammatory benefits. Serve sumptuous cabbage chapatis with curd or coconut chatni to keep your taste buds satiated for long.

Chia seeds kheer

healthy snacking

Popularly known as the modern time’s super food, chia seeds can provide your body with the right amount of nutrients with very few calories in return. Derived from the plant, Salvia Hispanica, tiny chia seeds store a considerable amount of fiber, protein, and minerals to keep you energized all day long. So, why not satiate your sweet tooth with chia seeds kheer. Take a break from high calorie rice as the staple ingredient for kheer.

Mix chia seeds in toned milk and add  iron-rich jaggery as a sweetener. Serve the healthy, yet a yummy bowl of chia seeds kheer to your loved ones as a gesture to show that you care for their health. The topping of fruits like strawberry and raspberry will further add to its Vitamin C content.

Tofu curry

tofu curry

Staying healthy is not about giving up on your delicious Indian recipes, but is about making them healthy to eat. The same health rule applies to your all-time favorite shahi paneer. Did you know? 100 g of paneer has 265 calories and 20.8 gram of fat. Whereas, Tofu of similar quantity has just 2.7 g of fat and 62 calories!

This is why; tofu is slowly replacing paneer in the kitchen of health-conscious people. Derived from curdled soybean milk, tofu can be a healthy option for preparing Indian curries that are the major dishes for any special occasion. Serve it with brown rice to make sure you and your loved ones don’t consume extra fat and calories in any form.

Squash & red lentil curry

healthy indian food

Divine taste and rich flavor make squash, and red lentil curry a preferred protein-rich dish for health-conscious people. Red lentils are loaded with health benefits to be your daily diet staple. The glycemic index of red lentils is low, helping you in keeping the blood sugar content in check. Further, squash is packed with health benefits, and it further adds to the nutritional value of red lentil curry.

Break the myth that healthy foods are boring by serving such mouth-watering Indian dishes that are also packed with nutritional value at the same time. You just need to be a little more conscious about replacing high-calorie ingredients with their healthier alternatives.


  1. chia seeds kheer is my favorite… 3 years ago when we were on a world tour, me and my husband, in India we tasted several different foods… and this kheer as well… and yes indian foods are really spicy.

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