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Travel Diary: Rishikesh

Hey everyone!

Last weekend, I went out for a teenie-weenie break with my gang of friends. Everyone’s working, and since we had to come back by sunday night for everyone to resume office on Monday morning, we decided to travel down to Rishikesh πŸ™‚ It is one of the best options we have for a quick weekend getaway from Delhi by road.

We travelled by a private mini-bus, and stayed in Camp 5 Elements, a private beach-like camp, surrounded by the mountains on all sides, with the Ganges flowing in between. ‘Bliss’ is the best way to describe the whole experience!

Camp 5 Elements is a part of Leisure Hotels. It is basically a small, secluded, white sand-beach on which they have set-up a few tents for people to stay in. No electricity! {carry an extra mobile phone with you}. At night, they give you a solar-charged lamp each for you to go to the washrooms, etc. The wash-rooms are also clean and hygienic, except, there’s no water in the restrooms πŸ˜› {you have to use paper and sand, will leave things to your imagination here}. They do have running tap water in the wash-basins and bathroom. They have nice and clean bedding, and good food {both vegetarian and non-vegetarian}. Overall, we had a wonderful experience staying there! They offer trekking, rappelling, rafting, etc. for the adventurous souls!

Now for the pics πŸ™‚

First view of ‘Camp 5 Elements’ from the hill-roads πŸ™‚

rishikesh camping

rishikesh camping


rishikesh camping

You then have to trek down the mountain for some distance, and cross a bridge and trek some more to reach the camp. Wear shoes or slippers to get a good grip on the rocky terrains πŸ™‚

rishikesh camping rishikesh camping rishikesh camping

rishikesh camping rishikesh camping rishikesh camping rishikesh camping

This is how you cool your drinks when there’s no refrigerator around πŸ˜›

rishikesh camping

In the night, there was a leopard-scare which made us get into the tents at midnight. Dunno if a leopard was there for real πŸ˜› NOW that we are back home, I’d like to assume there was πŸ˜›

These pics are from the next morning, clicked at 5.30 AM πŸ™‚

rishikesh camping rishikesh camping rishikesh camping

This is what I wore on Day-2: comfort reigned supreme πŸ™‚ Don’t have any solo pics from day-1, and I don’t usually put up my friends’ and family pics on any of my blogs 😐

rishikesh camping


Palazzo pants: Limeroad; Sleeveless top- Marks & Spencer’s; Β Flip-flops: Nuon; Sunnies- Vintage

Have you been to Rishikesh? Your favorite places to stay in? Do share in the comments below πŸ™‚


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