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Travel High-fives: Dubai

Hi friends, today I am going to take you through Dubai and five top things to do/ places to go or food to try plus something that I saw by luck. So what are we waiting for??? Let’s begin…

Let me first start with my hotel. I stayed in Fraser Suites and it was a wonderful experience staying in that property. Each room is like a studio apartment with your kitchen, living room, bedroom and a bath. The location of the property was ideal as I could see the Palm Jumeirah on one side and the main city from the other side. Check out the pictures of the view from my room.

palm jumeirah dubai travel blog

The Palm Jumeirah which is the world’s largest artificial island.

dubai city from fraser suites
Dubai city view- day time
Dubai- night view
Dubai- night view

1. The Desert Safari

It is a must go if you are in Dubai and if you ask me what was the best thing I enjoyed in Dubai after food, my answer will definitely be the safari.

The journey from the city to the spot where you begin your safari is beautiful. All you see is sand dunes on both the sides and you feel like lost in their eternity.

You go in a 4×4 SUV and the drivers deflate the tires before they start your journey on the sand. Why you ask?? I asked the driver too 😉 It is to improve traction. The safari is almost for an hour and you reach a spot where there is a camp arranged for activities like sand scooters, food and not to miss the belly dancing!! No words can describe the experience of having a delicious Arabic dinner in the middle of the sand dunes under the stars and enjoying the spectacular belly dance performances with the Arabian music.

desert safari dubai. dubai travelogue. indian travel blog. Indian lifestyle blog
Driver deflating tyres before the desert safari
desert safari dubai
The sand dunes- Dubai Desert Safari
dubai travelogue desert safari
Camp arranged for food, music and belly dancing
dubai travelogue
Sand scooters during the Dubai desert safari

2. The Burj Khalifa

Caution: You can strain you neck while looking at this man made beautiful giant (almost an oxymoron 😉 ). It’s an art to get a selfie with this structure with the top visible. Btw, I accomplished it. You go anywhere in the city and it feels like the burj khalifa is stalking you. You can see it from almost every part of the city. Pay a visit to Dubai to stalk the stalker..

burj khalifa dubai. indian travel blog. indian lifestyle blog burj khalifa dubai indian travel blog

3. The Dubai Mall

For the first time in my life I wanted to get back to my hotel to rest as I was TIRED of SHOPPING!!! Please don’t hate me for saying this. Nothing is wrong with me actually it’s because the Dubai Mall is huge and has all the brands that we are waiting to be opened up in India.

Somehow I find it funny to take selfies in a mall. I mean it’s for shopping not sightseeing but I was tempted to take selfies in this mall. Check out the pictures below and you will understand why..

dubai tourist places
Aquarium of the size of a wall
top tourist places dubai
A beautiful waterfall that runs through the entire height of the mall has human sculptures diving in water
dubai mall
For the Sheesha lovers: A shop in the Dubai mall with a huge variety of Sheeshas and flavors

4. Reem Al Bawadi

This restaurant has six locations and I went to the Jumeirah beach one. Lebanese food at it’s best, the best hummus, pita, fish, lobsters, prawns, uncountable dips & dressings and what not. If you love sea food then this place is a heaven for you. It has a lot of chicken and mutton varieties too but personally I loved their sea food platter. Also, I have never ever seen so many dips and dressings on one table in my life..

reem al bawadi dubai review reem al bawadi dubai review

5. The Fountain Show

Between the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall is an area where you can see a kind of a small replica of Venice. Amid this beautiful setting you can enjoy the most spectacular fountain show with the Burj Khalifa in the background. You can either see a day show or a night show. It’s definitely not to be missed when in Dubai. Set you time accordingly for the Dubai mall shopping and enjoy this beautiful show which is free for all. Apologies for not taking pictures of the fountain show as I was lost in it’s beauty.

fountain show dubai

Luck by Chance:

Just when I was happily busy shopping in the Dubai mall, all of a sudden my stomach started growling because I got hungry just by the sight of this mouth watering Christmas tree made from different kinds of sweets and another one made from macaroons.

dubai travel diary dubai travelogue

Yummyyyy isn’t it??

Send us a hi-five in comments if you liked your short virtual trip to Dubai… Till next time, “Hudafez” (Goodbye in Arabic which means “God go with you”).

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