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Travel High-Fives: London

Hi there, I am back with another virtual tour for you (after Dubai) and this time it’s the Queen’s land “London”.

Let me start by cautioning you about the hotels in London. They are too expensive!!! I stayed in Hilton but only managed to stay because I got a good deal at that time. Though the hotels are expensive, you save a lot on travel as compared to most of the other countries and that is because of their tube service. You can travel anywhere in London with the help of the tube as their connectivity is really commendable. Just take a one day pass and enjoy unlimited travel!!!

By suggestion: When in London, always take a tube than a taxi as it is much faster, cheaper and fun!!

1. Madame Tassauds

This I guess I don’t even have to tell anyone visiting London as this place is somewhere you will “obviously” go. Madame Tassauds is full of fun where everyone is busy clicking pictures with their favourite people. Some of the statues are just so real for example the Queen, David & Victoria Beckham, President Obama and so many more. You will need at least 4-5 hours to enjoy this place thoroughly. I was really proud to see so many statutes of Indians there.

After exiting the main halls there is a very cool souvenir shop where it is impossible to not get tempted and buy some really cute stuff. I was and is always tempted and thus got a pink coffee mug for myself and a few magnets (which I always buy whenever I go anywhere as I love collecting magnets).

madam tussauds london madam tussauds london madam tussauds london

Souvenir for myself: A pink coffee mug

2. Buckhingam Palace, Palace of Westminster, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Museum of Natural History and London Eye

I have included all these structures in one point as you can simply take a hop-on-hop-off bus and see all these structures in as less time and as much time as you want. There are multiple stops for these buses and you can take the next one whenever you are ready to go the next destination.

St. Paul’s Cathedral: Remember to go to the top floor of the mall just in front of the cathedral and you can take a very close look at the magnificent dome which the second largest dome in the world. The second picture was taken from the top floor of the mall.

saint paul's cathedral london saint paul's cathedral london

London Eye: You can either just see it from a distance or actually sit inside one of the cubes and enjoy the aerial view of London. When I went, there was a long waiting and thus I decided to enjoy the ground view of London 🙂

london eye

Palace of Westminster: This is actually the House of Parliament situated on the bank of river Thames. You cannot leave London without clicking a selfie with the Big Ben 😉

london travel diary

The bridge over river Thames in front of Palace of Westminster: Enjoy the hot sweet nuts sold on this bridge looking at the unique double decker buses, big ben and the river.

travel london- indian travel blog

Buckingham Palace: To be honest, I did not spend more than 15 minutes here as you are not allowed inside and you only see the guards who would not change their expression even if you told them a Russel Peters joke. So I just clicked a few pictures and moved on to my next destination.

buckingham palace london buckingham palace london buckingham palace london

National Museum of Natural History: I am usually not a big fan of museums but I had heard so much about this one and thus I decided to pay a visit. Also, there is no entry fee for this museum so you can visit once and decide how much time you wish to spend. I did end up spending almost 2 hours in this which was frankly nothing for this huge museum. I think there is definitely one section for every person to like so it’s worth going and dipping yourself for sometime in the past.

travel london- indian travel blog

3. Broadway

This is something that is expensive but you got to see this. I have always loved stage performances and there was no chance that I was going to miss a Broadway in London. My sister had praised the play “Wicked” a lot and so I got my tickets for the same show. This was the first time I ever went for a show alone. I hate going to shows alone whether it be plays or movies but this I couldn’t miss even if I had no company. And I am glad I did not miss this. I was all smiles after I came out of the show 🙂

Just sharing: By time the show ended it was 11:00 pm and I was not even 1% scared of returning back to my hotel alone. I hope I live to the day when I can feel the same in my dear country which I love so much.

As pictures were not allowed to be taken during the show, I just took one before the show started.

broadway london

4. Parks and Fish & Chips (Hyde)

The parks in London are spread on acres on land with lakes in and restaurants inside. They are just beautiful and I loved spending my time just sitting and relaxing there. Please do not miss the parks and spend good 3-4 hours and you will feel that even that is less.

A very common question you are asked when you are back from London: Did you try the fish ‘n’ chips? My answer is YES I did and not once but multiple times and loved it each time. You can enjoy your fish in the park or at any other restaurant outside but you got to try it (as they say, taste it to believe it 😉 ).

travel london- indian travel blog

Lake inside the Hyde Park: I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee in front of this dreamy view.

london travel diary

The yummy fish ‘n’ chips!!!

5. Oxford Street

Oxford Street is a shopper’s paradise. From the latest collection of Marks & Spencers, Zara, to all the cosmetics you can imagine. There is not only high end shopping, if you are being an economical shopper then Primark is the store for you my friend. I got so much stuff from there and it’s all of good quality, style and unbelievable prices.

oxford street london

Selfridges on Oxford Street: The second largest store in UK after Harrods.

london travel

A very cute display of sweaters in a shop on Oxford Street

Luck by Chance!!!

I happened to see the cutest taxis in London. I guess they were custom made as I did not see a second one like these. Check out the pictures below of a very cute pink cab and a very unusually shaped black cab.

london travel diary london travel diary Let us know if you liked the virtual tour of London!!! Leave a comment or press like. We love to hear from you!!


  1. Mia Mia

    The unusal shaped black car is a hearse. Google “Hearse London” and you find more pictures.

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