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5 places on my 2017 travel wish list!

2017 travel wish list!

With every new year comes a new set of resolutions & wish lists. And being a travel addict, like every year, this year too, I have my travel wish list ready for 2017! Let’s take a look at the top 5 places on my travel bucket list for 2017!

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1. Sri Lanka

A tropical treat not too far away from India, this one is on top of my travel list this year. Sri Lanka is has an array of things to see and do including eight UNESCO world heritage sites and national parks with elephants, leopards, crocodiles and buffalo. The country has a host of temples & beaches, and some of the best curries in the world, making this place a haven for foodies too!

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2. France

After having been to Paris & Nice already, I really want to explore more of France this year. The beauty of Europe keeps calling you back and there’s so much to explore in France but it can prove to be slightly expensive on the pocket. After flight tickets such as with Air France, the next best option is to travel with local trains etc. I’d suggest spending reasonably on travelling and indulge more in the food and local wines when in France. Two places on my wish list are Loire Valley for it’s beautiful villages & chateaux and local wines, and Bordeaux for its medieval churches and charming old bridges.


3. Dubai

For there is no place better for shopaholics like me than Dubai. Also, I tend to have some special love for shawarmas which you get in abundance in Dubai! Not to be missed!

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4. Bangalore

Closer home, I really want to explore some Indian cities too this year. I’ve heard great things about Bangalore and wish to explore the city as a tourist and experience the great weekend life there, considering the city is the IT hub of the country and has some amazing weekend culture. Properties like Royal Orchid Bangalore should come in handy!

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5. Leh & Ladakh

No yearly travel bucket list is complete without Leh & Ladakh on it. I really hope to make it to this picturesque location in the summer break this year!

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So what are your New Year travel wish list destinations? Do share in the comments!

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