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Weekend party planning with Peppertap

Hello lovelies!

So the New Year is now officially over, and with that the whole party scene is kinda low for some time too. No more back-to-back party planning. Right?


I find it easier to plan a party during the New Year season, since you tend to be prepared in advance and have your supplies in place. But when it comes to regular weekends, almost always, you have parties/ get-togethers to organize at the last minute. So much stress!

peppertap app review indian food blog

Here’s what I recently did when a weekend get-together with my friends had to be organized at my place: I logged into the PepperTap app on my phone, selected a few items which could help in preparing party food for myself and friends quickly and waited for the products to get delivered at my doorstep.

peppertap app review indian food blog

So here’s what I ordered, and maybe you can pick up some tips for last minute party planning:

  • Ready to fry finger snacks– I ordered McCain potato bites and smiles. You can quickly fry these up and everyone loves some nice finger fries. It is really a no-brainer when it comes to parties like these.
  • Salad: It is always good to have a salad on the side, coz in every gang, there is atleast that one person who’s ‘dieting’ 😛 I ordered some fresh salad veggies like bell peppers, cucumber, salad leaves, etc. To top these, I ordered some olives, cheese and a salad dressing. Takes literally 5 minutes to prepare an interesting salad this way!
  • For a pasta dish, I ordered pasta and pasta sauce. Again, just boil the pasta, stir some veggies (save some from the salad), add pasta sauce and veggies, top off with some grated cheese. Done!
  • Chocolates on the side, please!
  • Drinks also need to be there. I generally go with a cola.
  • Always have Nutella and coffee at hand, too. Trust me!
  • For dessert, I ordered a chocolate cake pre-mix and chocolate sauce. You can use a dollop of Nutella to top the chocolate cake portions too 😀 You are welcome!

peppertap app review indian food blog peppertap app review indian food blog

And that’s how I threw a party without  stress! The shopping was made easy thanks to the genie called Peppertap. Saves all the time, you guys! And if you order smartly, you can save time in the kitchen too, when guests come, and still serve them something from your kitchen!
Have you tried the PepperTap app yet? Get it now! 😀

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