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Zingo Star: Review

Hey everyone!

We’re dishing out new food reviews very frequently these days, and we hope you are enjoying the posts! Today on our review radar is the cool new Zingo Star, a casual dining restaurant in Greater Kailash-II, Delhi.

zingo star zingo star

“Zingo Star is that fun place you go to celebrate, dig-in, contemplate your thoughts over piping ‘hot’ chicken wings, or a poutine, or just relax and watch the world go by.  With a fresh, warm and inviting design, Zingo Star serves high quality comfort food with delicious cocktails, making it the perfect place for a quick meal, or an unwinding session.”

The heat in Delhi forces one to try out a lot of drinks on the menu these days. This time we tried the Zingo Virgin Sangria– an interesting mix of watermelon, peach, fresh lime, orange and cranberry juice, etc., and Summer Twang with green apples and basil. While both the drinks were excellent, we couldn’t help but repeat our orders for Zingo Virgin Sangria during the course of the meal. Must try it!

zingo star cafe review
L- Zingo Virgin Sangria, R- Summer Twang

A few sips down our throat, and we were ready to gorge on some delish starters. We started off with some Mighty Mozzarella Sticks, which were crisp to perfection. The home-made sauce served with it was a nice accompaniment.

zingo star cafe review

I, for one, am all about spicy food. In my group of friends and family, I am the one who has the spiciest food- and normally, things that others find ‘too spicy’ are just ‘okayish’ for me in terms of the ‘heat’. PAIN 100% at Zingo Star took me by surprise.

Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) is the unit used to measure the heat/ pungency of a chilli. To give you an idea, a sweet bell pepper has 0 SHU, Tabasco (original) sauce has 2500 SHU, Bhut Jholokia has around 855,000 – 1,041,427 SHU.

PAIN 100% at Zingo Star has around 400,000 SHU. Goodness, my brain got ****** when I ate this. The dish basically falls in the ‘chicken wings’ category- you can opt for the wings, strips or drumsticks. Then select your sauce from the medium, hot and very hot categories. Pain 100% is the hottest sauce! The moment I had the first bite- bam! My head was a little dizzy, my nose was running, and my throat was tingling.. But all in all, it was good fun! And even though it was so spicy for the palate, it didn’t burn my stomach 😛 Definitely ordering again the next time! MUST TRY if you love spicy stuff.

zingo star cafe review
Pain 100% chicken strips

Next we tried a sampler of mini-burgers/ sliders. Since we were a team of two people, we asked them to narrow down the portion size to 3 sliders (you get 6 otherwise). The interesting thing is that the sliders are basically pao (as in Vada Pao) breads, baked fresh in-house, a drift from the usual mini burger buns.

We opted for Green Chili Cheese slider, BBQ slider & Sloppy Joey. Sliders are served with some potato wedges and homemade dip. BBQ slider was my favorite from the lot- very juicy, saucy chicken with smoked bbq sauce. Loved it!

zingo star cafe review
Sloppy Joey, BBQ slider & Green Chili Cheese slider- Slider sampler

zingo star cafe review

Next up was my first brush with Poutine– a mix of potato wedges, french fries, gravy and cheese. We tried the Cheesy Jalapeno poutine with salsa, cheddar cheese, jalapeno and sweet corn. It was a complete dish in itself, but I have nothing to compare this with from past experience, as of now. Best for late evening cravings, with a bottle of beer!

zingo star cafe review

The fresh hand-tossed pizzas were nice too, with loads of toppings and just the right amount of cheese!

zingo star cafe review

And while your food is getting served, you’d notice the dishes- they remind you of the kind of dishes that are used in jails- which is quite a different touch to the ‘neighborhood’ feel on the whole. They have also used a lot of old-world elements such as light shades, open overhead wiring, etc. in their decor to add to the ambiance.

Overall, Zingo Star is the kinda place you wanna go to for a chilled out weekend evening with friends or family. The food is very comforting, the music is nice and the overall ambiance is just right! Their service is also very prompt.

Do give them a try!

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